"The secret of success is...
June 14, 2021

"...to start from scratch and keep on scratching."

SOLD OUT? I was getting ready to play in the $10,000 heads-up tournament when I got a call the event had 256 players and was sold out. Unbelievable! To think they would limit the number of players in a WSOP tournament. I am aware of the structure but they should change it, make another bracket, have alternatives, or something!

As I was having my morning swim, I couldn't help but notice what a nice day it is. There isn't a single cloud in the blue sky and all my flowers were blooming and beautiful. As I reflected on my life I wondered how many days like this I had missed by sitting around a poker table day after day. Was it worth it? It's a two-edged sword and I don't have the answer.

Way to go, Daniel! Mr. Negreanu won the limit Holdem tournament and put me in the lead for my big bet of Daniel, Lee Watkinson, and Lee Markholt to win more bracelets than Phil Ivey and Allen Cunningham. I won't be making any more bets like this because I don't like to root against friends. When I went to bed last night, Ivey was leading in the $3000 HORSE event. I also bet Phil 3-1 odds for $100,000 he wouldn't win a bracelet so I have no choice but to pull against him. It was nice to wake up and see he was out of the tournament. It was nice also to see two DoylesRoom players, Todd Brunson, and Hoyt Corkins, in the final 16 players!

I went to the airport to pick up two cousins I hadn't seen in forty years. Ira and Vernice Hale were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary and came to Las Vegas for their first time. We had a short but nice visit before bed time and it's amazing how the years can roll away and it is just like we were together yesterday. Vernice's dad, my uncle Bill, recently passed at the age of 99. I come from a long line of folks who flirt with 100 years before they die.

I'm in a much better mood then I was when I wrote my last blog. I'm ready to play some good poker now. That shows the best bridge between hope and despair is often a good night's sleep! :) -DB

@EricOosterbeek No, it's just good natured ribbing. He is a cool guy.

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