"When things go wrong...
July 7, 2021

"...don't go wrong with them."

The WSOP is winding down and I'm glad because I am physically and mentally exhausted. I knew it was time to back off when I tried to start my car with my house key and tried to get into my house with my car key! That's not a good sign and I'm not only ducking the last few tournaments, I'm not playing in some very good cash games.

You talk about records! Forget about how many cashes you have or how many bracelets. Some day someone will break these records but I set one which will never be broken. I've lost two scooters in the last three World Series of Poker. Try and break that record! I parked my scooter, which was one week old, outside the VIP room at the Rio and when I came out, it was gone. Of course, I left the keys in it, but what kind of sicko steals a handicapped scooter? Year before last during the WSOP I had dinner at the Bellagio, got my car out of valet, and went to my suite at the Rio. When I parked, I noticed my scooter was not on the lift. I have no idea where I lost it but I think it fell off the back of my car when I didn't secure it properly. Of course, the bottle of wine I had had with dinner had absolutely nothing to do with it.

I have to go to the Doylesroom party tonight. I'm going to try to get home early because I have three days of book signings and interviews coming up. However I know how these things go when you get to these parties. One thing for sure, I'm leaving my scooter at home tonight! :)


@BlutoBird... Hey Matt, tell the old folks hello and that they aren't too old to get on twitter.

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