"Failure is caused more by...
July 9, 2021

"...lack of determination than lack of talent."

The worst day of the year is usually when you get knocked out of the Main Event. This year for me it was a relief to get it over with. I spent three days signing books and autographs on the stage of the Expo. It was 4-5 hours and I felt totally exhausted when it was over. I've never felt like not playing any form of poker as I did when I sat down for the first hand. I guess we live and learn and I'll never work like that before a poker game again. I was embarrassed by the way I played but there isn't much you can do with no enthusiasm. Poker is so much mental but you can't go back, only forward.

I'm trying to get enough energy to get to Montana and try to regroup. Maybe this is just part of getting old but I've always laughed at people when they said they were tired. I guess I was blessed with great endurance but it is catching up to me now.

Well, that's enough whimpering about me. When I look at the leaders in the WSOP I only recognize a few names. I'm pulling for all the pros that are left but it is going to be extremely difficult. It was good to see the number of entries didn't go down and if the internet sites ever get going again, there is no telling where the WSOP will go.

My daughter, Pam, didn't get to play at the WSOP because she had to have a stomach hernia repaired. It's too bad because she was really looking forward to it. To make matters worse, her little toy poodle has a life threatening illness that the doctors can't pin point. I feel terrible for her because I know she is a real dog lover as I am.

The title of "The Last Brunson Standing" goes to Todd's wife, Anjela, who made it to the second day with over 40,000 in chips. Besides being a pretty good poker player, I think she is one of the best looking women poker players. I am going down tomorrow to cheer her on. Someone has to hold up the family name. Todd and I certainly didn't.

Country Western singer Andy Griggs who is representing DoylesRoom did himself proud by making it to the second day with over 60,000 in chips. Andy sang the National Anthem one day and a song off his new album, "It's All About The Money" the next day. Andy hasn't played much poker so I'll be there to root for him along with Anjela. - DB

@EricOosterbeek No, it's just good natured ribbing. He is a cool guy.

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