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July 17, 2021

My record for two lost scooters at the World Series of Poker has to be revised. Security at the Rio found it on the 18th floor the last day of the tournament. It was unharmed but I had already bought a top of the line Pride Maxima and couldn't return it; so I have three scooters now, so if anyone needs one let me know!

I've decided I am a sicko, degenerate gambler. After being worn out from the WSOP I proceeded to go play in the Bellagio $15,000 tournament. I made it through the first day but went out on the second day. There were some really good side cash games and I played in those also; pretty stupid for a 74 year-old man who saw his hand trembling for the first time in his life. One good thing is that I won in the cash games but I've gotta get out of here and rest up before I do any more serious playing.

My son, Todd, is in tenth place with less than fifty players left at the Bellagio. I sure would like to see him take down that $1,600,000 first place prize. He is a fine player and is overdue for a win. At least the playing hours are good. You quit playing about 9:00 at night and can go home for a good night's sleep. I wish all the tournaments were like that; I would play in a lot more of them.

The action in a ten handed first day table is pretty slow so I picked up a book called The Zen Book to read between hands. I know it is a book about Buddha but I'm not sure what their beliefs are. I think they think Buddha is a god, but I'm not sure. I have strong Christian beliefs so I'm not looking for any new religion but I've heard a lot about Zen so I read it. I was really impressed by the wisdom that was in that book. Most of the religions in the world have some good beliefs that have been written. The main lesson I got out of the book was to be content with yourself. I'm afraid I've always pushed myself at whatever I've done.

It looks like there are going to e about 40 ex-basketball players with their wives that are coming to Montana for our college reunion. That is pretty good for a bunch of guys that played together over fifty years ago. Most of them are teachers and preachers but all of them are really good guys and we have stayed in touch all these years. I'm looking forward to seeing them. - DB

@EricOosterbeek No, it's just good natured ribbing. He is a cool guy.

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