"Experience teaches only the teachable."
July 22, 2021

can't help getting feedback from some of the forums and conversations around poker tables I'm not playing at. A person should be able to take criticism because the Good Book says: "I had rather be criticized by a wise man than praised by a fool." Still, if I write things that offend you, don't read my blog. I just say what I think and what I do and neither might be right.

One thing I would like to clear up is about Johnny Moss and Nick 'the Greek' Dandolos. They most definitely did play in 1949-50. Des Wilson wrote Ghosts at the Table and did a ton of research but he missed it when he said the match never happened. I talked to my friend, Jack Binion, and he told me they did play and the stories might be exaggerated a little but Moss beat Nick and made him quit. Des wrote a good, entertaining book but no one can always be right about what happened in the past.

We can talk about The Real Deal now that the press release has gone out. It is a new poker show that is starting October 1st at the Venetian Hotel. It is an audience participation show with chances to win big prizes. I've been approached many times about new ventures and have done some of them but most of them fail. But, when I found out Merv Adelson was the lead person in this show I was happy to be included. I knew of Merv through his former partner and my good friend, Irwin Molasky. So, I knew he would have all his ducks in a row with adequate financing and competent people working. Sure enough, he has put together an amazing team and we are going to have a ball with this show.

I'm off to Montana in the morning, so it may be a few days before I update my blog. I'm as excited as a rookie playing in his first WSOP. I hope I don't hurt myself in those mountains! :)

@BlutoBird... Hey Matt, tell the old folks hello and that they aren't too old to get on twitter.

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