"Time is nature's way...
August 15, 2021

"...of keeping everything from happening at once."

Seventeen ex basketball players that were my teammates from 1950 to 1954 at Hardin Simmons University descended on Flathead Lake this week for a three day visit. The years rolled back and it wasn't like we had been apart for over 50 years except for a couple of earlier reunions. The guys brought their wives and we had a terrific time. What a great group of people! We had a cookout on the lake each night and we had a lot of laughs and memories. We took a lot of rides on my pontoon boat that seats 15 people. A couple of us got on the jet skis and I called the rest a bunch of wimps because they wouldn't get on them. Those things go 60 miles an hour and really give you a rush when you hit a few bumps caused by the wind and other boats. The ex-teammates came from as far away as Florida but most were from Texas. The youngest was 71 and the oldest, who was an army vet before he entered school, was 82.

Even though it was nice to get together, I felt my real age, perhaps for the first time. There is no getting around it, I'm as old as most of them. I do happen to have a youthful spirit, but the body is getting older and older. Oh well, it's supposed to.

Now it's back to Vegas and getting ready to go to Macau with Todd. We are going to play in the APT and promote DoylesRoom in Asia. We are looking forward to going and enjoying ourselves. It's a long plane ride and it will be my first time there. The farthest east I have been is the Philippines and I remember how surprised I was that the public seemed to know who I was. They tell me to expect the same in Macau. We also plan on playing in a big cash game while we are there. The minimum buy in is $150,000 but a lot of the rich Chinese buy in for a million dollars. Should be interesting!

As I look out my window, I see a bunch of Canadian Geese walking on my boat dock. Every time I see them I think of Brad Booth and Daniel Negreanu. Could it be it's because they are both Canadian poker players? Speaking of Daniel, I've been reading his blogs about his golf games. I asked his caddy how he was playing and he told me he was so bad he tried to drown himself but he couldn't keep his head down that long! -DB To play with Doyle at Doyle's Room, click here. Online Poker

@EricOosterbeek No, it's just good natured ribbing. He is a cool guy.

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