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October 3, 2021

Back from London and feeling like that train ran over me again. My wife wanted to go upstairs and make love. I told her to choose one or the other, I couldn't do both. I don't think I was completely over my trip to Macau but I felt I had to go to WSOPE. There were lots of improvements over last year and whoever was responsible for the structure of the games should be complimented. There was tons of play because the limits went up very slowly. Also, there was only one casino hosting the event, which made it easier.

I know London is supposed to have great food, I just haven't found it. My favorite spot was Subway, which was located next to my hotel. Of course it is twice as expensive, but so is everything else over there. I thought I played good because I went deep in all three of the tournaments I played in. One thing I noticed was how much better the Europeans play Hold'em. The Scandinavian players, and there were 5 of them at my table in the main event, were really impressive. The last I heard, John Juanda was the only American left.

In the HORSE tournament there were 8 American pros at my table. Talk about a bad draw! Chad Brown, Max Pescatori, John Juanda and 4 other pros were waiting on me. I really don't mind who is at my table for HORSE because most of the guys have at least one bad game.

I played last year's WSOP Main Event winner, Annette Obrestad, in a heads-up match for ESPN. We started with 20,000 dollars each and it was supposed to be two out of three, but I held some lucky cards and beat her the first two. She seemed to be comfortable and played well. It was a good thing for poker that she won the 2007 WSOPE.

I just watched the vice presidential candidates and was impressed with both. Palin was supposed to take a beating but she held her won. It will be interesting to see who the media thought won. I read Lee Watkinson's blog and I'm glad to see another poker player get passionate about politics. I always have e-mails and discussions with Daniel Negreanu and Eric Seidel. Of course, I was a George W. Bush man last election, so I'm listening to everyone now. I still haven't made up my mind but everyone should get out and vote.


@EricOosterbeek No, it's just good natured ribbing. He is a cool guy.

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