People Who Try to Whittle You Down...
December 11, 2021

"...are only trying to reduce you to their size."

As a rule, I don't say anything about things people say in interviews.  But I can't help being deeply offended by the article in CardPlayer where Layne Flack says, "You want to talk about buying a bracelet?  Let's talk about Doyle's bracelet when there were 8 people in the tournament.  The critics should look back in history and see where a bracelet has been bought." 

I thought this man was a friend of mine.  Back in the early days of the WSOP, I certainly didn't even consider that a bracelet would have any value.  I only played in 2 or 3 events a year because Jack Binion expected me to.  I actually didn't pick up two bracelets in the 70's-80's because I already had a couple.  I never won a tournament that had 8 people in it.  There were only 14 entries in a mixed double tournament that Starla Brodie and I won.  If I could find that bracelet, I would sent it to Layne and tell him to stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

The "bracelet race" has become Harrahs and ESPN's way of making poker interesting and exciting.  It is a form of competition and I love anything that is competitive, but winning bracelets has never been high on my priority list.  I still play poker because it energizes me and keeps me thinking young.  I like playing real poker for real money and tournament poker for me is a second choice.

It's Jimmy V week on ESPN.  We need to listen to Jimmy Valvano's speech as it would put us back to what is important in life.  Jim was dying with cancer and gave an awesome speech when he was presented the Arthur Ashe award.  The Jimmy V foundation raises money for cancer research and we should all support it because 1 out of every 4 persons will have to deal with having cancer in their lifetime.

The Real Deal at the Venetian is moving along well.  This is the slowest time of the year in Vegas and we had a big turnout last night.  Everyone seems to love the show and it's a lot of fun to do.

Caddie:  Sir, do you know what golf and sex have in common?
Daniel:  Of course, there's two things you can enjoy even if you are bad at both of them.

@EricOosterbeek No, it's just good natured ribbing. He is a cool guy.

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