"Ability may take you to the top but it takes character...
March 14, 2022

to keep you there."

It is amazing how things can be taken out of context. I saw in Cardplayer Magazine where Patrik Antonius said that someone told him Doyle Brunson said he would swim a river to play Patrik. I don't remember exactly; I could have said I would swim a river to play the internet stars in a real cash game. I certainly never used Patrik's name but he made a challenge to play me any game for any amount. I'll get to that in a moment.

I feel that there are only a few of today's players who could have competed on the old 'Texas Circuit' cash games. There was a very tough nucleus of pros that kept the games going. It's funny; Patrik is one of the players I would have named that would have fit in with the old days. He has the style, love of poker, instinct, and the gambling mentality that it takes to compete in high stakes games. So I would never have singled him out to play.

Patrik said he has asked me to play in Bobby's Room which may be true. If he did, I'm sure I did say no because I don't like to play anyone heads up, particularly a tough player. Pug Pearson used to always say, "If you are so good, why don't you and me play two handed?" I never played him because, as I told him, what difference does it make, our games aren't heads up games? I think I can play two handed very well but it doesn't make sense to me when you can get softer players in a full game.

I really like Patrik and I think he is a great player, but he cast the gauntlet and I'm prepared to do battle. So, I accept his challenge.

I think he made a mistake when he said, "I'll play him any game for any amount." I've got 7-10 different games, all of which I've played in Las Vegas casinos for high stakes, that I'm willing to commit to for at least a seven figure match. There will be no animosity between us; we are both pros who love a good gamble. It will be interesting if he accepts and I'm sure we will both have a great time playing.

It is only two more days and I'm off to Dublin for the Irish Open. I played in that great city some 20-25 years ago. It might have been the first Irish Open. That was where Todd picked up his name, "The Dark Horse", from the Irish Press; come to think of it. Todd was eighteen years old so it was nineteen years ago. Todd and Louise are going with me again this time. I remember the great homemade soups and brown bread being served in all the restaurants. I'll be gone for almost two weeks and I'll try to update my blog from Ireland


@EricOosterbeek No, it's just good natured ribbing. He is a cool guy.

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