Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.
February 12, 2022

After reading the story about the police raiding a poker game in South Carolina, it brought back a lot of memories.  One of the S.C. players wrote about the raid - "All of a sudden, it was like a commando SWAT team raiding a bunch of crack dealers.  It was like the SWAT teams that you see on TV busting into your home, guns drawn, full protective gear, and demanding we put our hands on top of our heads."

Hello!  Welcome to my world in the 60's.  Add to it if you said anything or resisted in any way, some smart-assed cop would hit you with his pistol or, even worse, would point his weapon at you, cock it and dare you to say anything.  Believe me, it's not good, but it is better the cops than the hijackers.  Kudos to the 5 South Carolina players that are fighting their arrest in court.  Mike Sexton has gone there to testify in court, that poker is a game of skill, which would overturn the antiquated state law.  Good luck guys!

I'm not making any promises or pledges about my resolve to change my eating habits into a more healthy one, but I'm going to try it one week at a time.  Yesterday, I went to a restaurant called, "Go Raw", where everything is natural and uncooked.  It was surprisingly good and I even imagined I feel better today.  I'm not sure I can eat like that for an extended period of time but I'm going to try.  When I came through the door, the first person I saw was Huck Seed. I always knew he liked to eat raw foods but it was still a surprise to see him. He gave me a few tips on what to order.  All this after they just opened an In and Out hamburger place right next to my house.  I'm going to turn my head every time I pass the best hamburger store in the world.

I've made it through season 3 of Dallas.  J.R. Ewing just got shot and created the biggest buzz in TV history while the fans were waiting for season 4 to begin.  Who shot J.R.?  was in all the magazines and newspapers.  The Sportsbooks even had prices for who it was.  I can't believe Louise can't remember but she won't let me tell her anything about the series.  The largest TV audience ever to watch a program tuned in to find out who shot J.R.  At least it's lots of fun watching the remarkable TV lives of the oil rich Texas families.  Only seven seasons left, then I'll have to find something else to watch at night.

It seems I'm getting offers every day to either endorse games, products or different business opportunities.  Times must be tough if they can't find a better or bigger name than mine.  I've turned almost all of them down because I don't need the problems if trouble comes from the endorsements.  That is why I should probably get an agent to decipher these opportunities in case a really good one comes along.

Four more days and I'm driving to Los Angeles for the Commerce poker tournament.  I don't feel like going but I've got to get my motor running some way.  Perhaps this will do it.


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