"Some poker players drink at the fountain of knowledge...
March 13, 2022

Others just gargle."


I'm flattered so many people read my blog.  I've had tons of e-mails, phone calls (mostly anonymous), talk on the different forums, etc.  There seems to be some confusion so I'll clarify a few things.

First, unless I specify it, any comments I make about poker don't include online poker.  So when I said I never saw a poker game that I couldn't beat, I meant 6 or more players sitting down at a table.  I don't mean on the internet where players might be talking on the phone or sending IMs.  I don't care if you find the top 6 or 7 NLH in the world; I believe I can find a way to win.  Also, I don't care if I can beat anyone heads up.  Why?....I don't play heads up for a living, only ring games.  I've never gone around "bragging" about being the greatest player, only that I've played high-stakes poker longer than anyone.

Aggression?  Anyone who has read Super System knows I invented that way back in the 70's.  These young kids have taken it to a new level.  So you have to keep changing your game, just as I had to do after S/S came out.  Nowdays, you have to pick your spots to bluff and you try to trap the over aggressive players.  Everyone keeps talking about how tight I play on the TV cash games.  If you watch these games closely, you'll see a lot of the guys, kids mostly, making plays strictly because they are on TV.  Any professional poker player would certainly be wrong to shoot it out with the maniac players.

It amazes me.  I've won 14 or 15 straight times in the TV cash games.  I love them and I love playing against the young "superstars".  The main idea of playing is to win, right? Watch Barry G and notice how he plays on these shows.  Entirely different than when he plays in a tough cash game.  The older players certainly know how to make plays but we won't make a lot because we know how to adapt to any situation.

Another thing that pisses me off is when these "know-it-alls" talk about the old time poker players not being any good.  I'd like to see any of the "greats" go back and play Johnny Moss, Pat Renfro, Sailor Roberts, James Roy, Doc Ramsey and a host of other guys that made their living playing NLH.  Of course that can't happen so we'll never know. I've played against both worlds and I think the old guys would chew up these young guns.

I'm getting old, there is nothing I can do about that, but I'm still willing to play anybody "Doyle Sez", where I can name the game and change to another game when I want to.  If any of the internet stars, that don't play live, want to play, I'll give them half their money back if they lose if they play 8 hours a day for a week.

Everyone also asks about the match between Patrik Antonius and myself and what happened.  First, I want to say I'm not interested in playing Patrik because he is a weak player. On the contrary, I think he is a great player and I make him and Daniel Negreanu the favorites over anyone to still be playing 30 years from now.  Patrik wants a list of the games, which I'll provide him.

I just feel I can find a game against anyone that I can beat them at. I know this means I'll have to play heads up, which I hate, but I can't back down now.


@BlutoBird... Hey Matt, tell the old folks hello and that they aren't too old to get on twitter.

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