"Bye Bye Patrik :)"
March 19, 2022

Everybody in Ireland is talking about our match. I can't believe so many people are interested in it and have asked me about my blog. I'll have to watch what I say if I have so many readers. I'm sure I will be seeing Patrik soon, probably at the Bellagio next month and we will see if he was serious about his challenge of playing me ANY game. I promise I won't back out if I get to pick the games. If he beats me at that, I'll seriously consider retiring. Not just Patrik, I'll try anyone at that. At least it will be fun.

I got to Ireland and it was pretty much the way I remember it. This is my 3rd trip here instead of my second. Louise reminded me that we came in 1982 to the second Irish Open and she was right. I didn't come so much for the tournament as for the cash games. Chip Reese, Walter Cintula and myself flew in at Terry Roger's request to play some large cash games. I can still remember playing for 36 hours, going home and sleeping for 10 hours, coming back and the same people were still playing. I sat down and when another player tried to join us a jeweler named Melvin said "oh, no fresh players can join us, we are too tired." They didn't even notice I had slept and come back. Great spot, huh? Don't worry, they broke me.

Then we came back in 1987. Todd was 18 years old and led the tournament the first 3 days and the Irish press called him "The Dark Horse" which has been his nickname ever since. The Irish economy is just booming. It makes me sick that the dollar has fallen so much that everywhere I go our money isn't worth as much as the country I'm visiting. The other thing I've noticed is how short the Irish people are. They must be at least 2 inches shorter than Americans. Also, I don't believe I've seen one Irish person to be what I would call fat. Gotta go to a book signing. More later.


@EricOosterbeek No, it's just good natured ribbing. He is a cool guy.

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