"If I could give the younger generation one gift...
March 21, 2022

it would be the ability to laugh at yourself."

I've got an off day as there are two starting days here at the Irish Open. I survived the 1st day and am in comfortable position with 53,000 in chips which put me in 10th place, well above the average chip count. I drew a table that was composed of unknown players to me. There were 6 Irish players, one German, and two Americans. It was a pretty tough table as everyone played decently. That was completely different from Todd's table that had 3 or 4 maniacs bombing every pot. Todd went up and down like a yo-yo and wound up with just a little more than he started with.

One thing I have to say about the Irish folks I've met here is that they are very gracious and go out of their way to take care of us. We are very grateful to our PaddyPower hosts. They put us in the Presidential Suite that is big enough to house a family of ten. Nickki, the poker room manager, along with an old friend Iam Flood, Ross, Nichalous and Orla have gone the extra mile to give us our heart's desire. The only thing we are lacking is American TV. It's killing me to know the NCAA playoffs are going on and I'm missing the games.

Ireland is a very religious country and I don't know why they chose to have the tournament on Easter weekend. Today is Good Friday and Sunday will be Easter and hopefully I'll still be playing. I'm sure Christ will understand and won't send any plagues on us.

Speaking of Orla, she is the lady that had convinced me to come here for the Irish Open. For some strange reason I had her pictured as an elderly lady so I was pleasantly surprised when Orla met us at the plane. She is a Jessica Simpson look alike and a very sweet young woman. Louise saw me looking at her and gave me a kick on the shin. After 46 years, she can pretty much read my mind. Oh well, it never hurts to look!

I clicked on Gus Hansen's blog and read what he says about airport security. It's very true that something should be done about some of their rules. I've never gone through airport security without being stopped, having to take my shoes off, and patted down. That's because I have an artificial shoulder that sets the alarm off and even though most of the personnel recognize me, they have to search everyone that trips the alarm. I was with our mayor, Oscar Goodman and they did a full body search on him, so they don't play any favorites. I guess it beats getting blown up but somehow I feel I don't fit the description of a terrorist.

I repeatedly get asked about Patrik and me. Yesterday, a reporter from Finland asked me about it and I said, "Patrik, Patrik who?" We will get a big laugh out of that next month when we get together. It shows how much interest there is worldwide about American poker. Most of the questions are about the High Stakes TV show, which is by far my favorite show to do. I play to win and some of the players like to be fancy and be comedians. I love that!

This day of rest will do these old, aching bones a lot of good. I have high expectations in this tournament and would really be delighted if I could win. I'm in good position and I feel like I really played well yesterday and am really pumped. The Irish Open was started by Terry Rogers who became a very special friend before he passed so that gives me extra incentive. I'm off to find Orla and down a Guinness or two. Wish me luck...I mean in the tournament of course. What else could I have been talking about?

:) -DB

@EricOosterbeek No, it's just good natured ribbing. He is a cool guy.

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