"Poker don't make the world go round, but...
May 26, 2022

it makes the ride worthwhile."


Every year about this time, some sicko feels the need to spread the news that I died. Doug Dalton was the first to call and I had several calls after that. I was tweeting on twitter and Howard Lederer spread the word that if I was dead, someone was twittering on my account. When I do die, hopefully years from now, everybody will have to check to see if it's true.

Speaking of Twittering, I told Louise, who has been in Hawaii for two months, asked what I was doing. When I told her I was tweeting on my twitter she thought it was a sexual innuendo. I laughed at her and she told me the same thing my sister told me. "Doyle, I think you are going crazy." Actually, I've always suspected I might be a little crazy, so they could be right.

Looks like the guys are playing golf every day. Daniel tweeted me that Ivey, Patrick, E-Dog and him were out every day. Man, am I jealous. The most fun I've ever had is when 15-20 guys gather at a good golf course and everybody tries to play high and make fair games. With the WSOP so close there is no reason to try to join them because everyone will be in the poker room next week. It looks like if Eli Elezra and I don't start the poker games at Bobby's Room, they don't get started. I'll never understand why players are reluctant to sit down and start, the games almost always fill up.

Mike Caro and I are doing 6 seminars during the WSOP.  They are on May 30/31, June 13/14 and June 27/28. Mike does all the hard work with his bullet points and presentation. He is the best at these things, he really does a good job. I do a 20 minute Q&A at the end of each one which is really pretty easy.  Everyone should come if they can make it.

I signed on with Poker Royalty yesterday. Poker Royalty represents quite a few poker players in making deals for their endorsements, etc. I've heard nothing but good things about them. I'm a terrible businessman and deal maker so I'm glad to be able to turn over all that stuff to them. As I recall, they have a suite right outside the tournament area that will be handy for bathroom breaks. That will be cool because it's hard to get to the bathroom during the WSOP. All the fans want pictures and autographs and you seem like a jerk if you don't talk to them.

It's been weeks since I've played poker. If it hadn't been for the NBA playoffs, I would really be climbing up the wall. Louise has been gone for 2 months now due to her allergy problems and I've been babysitting Cutie and Casper. I haven't even been to the golf course. I'll say one thing, because of this I've got a fire in my belly I haven't felt for years. I'm really anxious to get to the poker table and I'm going to see if there are any wins left in this old man. I'm going to win a bracelet this year!


@EricOosterbeek No, it's just good natured ribbing. He is a cool guy.

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