In the words of Marlon Brando when he was playing the Godfather, “How did we ever come to this?” Good Googa Mooga, I never saw anything like the different comments about my “challenge” to play anyone the poker game of my choice. I saw David Sklansky at Bobby’s Room last night and he told me that the games I’m going to list are not fair.

So what, I’m not trying to be fair, I am what I am, and what I am is a poker professional who loves to play and wants to win. I believe I can win with this list of games to choose from. I’m not trying to win any accolades, praise or titles, I’m not trying to compete with Durr’s challenge.

I’m not going to play PLO with him and I don’t think he will be playing my games. I really like the post one guy put up on a forum. He put a distance race in his games…LOL. If it was 55 years ago when I was the best miler in Texas, I would try him.

Let’s have a quick review of how this got started. Patrik Antonius said in an interview, that CardPlayer printed, that he would play me any game for any amount. The reason he said that, was that he had read I said I would swim a river to play with him.

I have always respected Patrik’s game and I didn’t say that, but he challenged me and it peeved me because I’ve played the high limits now for 53 years and I’m almost certain I know more games than him or almost anyone. I think Patrik was talking about H.O.R.S.E. plus one or two other games. If that was the case, I would have let it drop because that would be a tough game. But that’s not what he said so here is my list:

1) I’ll start with lowball, my favorite.

Any lowball game I choose can be played with 3 different lows, the best hands being 7-5-4-3-2, A-2-3-4-5, A-2,3,4,6.

5 Card Draw, Limit or No Limit.
7 Card Razz, Limit or Pot Limit.
6 Card Razz, Limit or Pot Limit.
7 Card Razz, shuck one & draw if you want. Limit or Pot Limit.
6 Card Razz, same as 7 Card shuck.
2) 5 Card draw High, Limit or Pot Limit.

3) Hi Low split, 7 card no qualify, Limit or Pot Limit.

Eight or better, 7 cards, Limit or Pot Limit.
Ten or better, 2-7 low, Limit or Pot Limit.
Six card eight or better, Limit or Pot Limit.
Six card ten or better, 2-7 low, Limit or Pot Limit.

7 Card stud, Limit or Pot Limit.
6 Card stud, Limit or Pot Limit.
5 Card stud, NL or Pot Limit.
5) Badugi

3 choices of low, Limit or Pot Limit

6) Omaha 8 or Better Limit or Pot Limit

Omaha 10 or better 2-7 low, Limit or Pot Limit
Poppyha. We played this game with George the Greek for months. FUN Game. 4 hole cards, only two cards on the flop, then the turn, then the river. Tricky game!
7) Hold ‘Em, Limit, NL, Or Pot Limit.

Greek Hold’Em – Must play both hole cards – Limit, NL, or Pot Limit.
OK, there they are. At Sklansky’s suggestion, I refined the list a little. I’ve played every game listed, in a Las Vegas Casino for high stakes. If someone wants to play, come to Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio. We’ll play, have fun and if someone beats me, I’ll shake their hand and tell them good game!

I also heard I defended Russ Hamilton in the UB scandal. I remember saying, “yeah Russ is innocent”, on High Stakes Poker, but it was a tongue-in-cheek remark. I don’t know if he is guilty or not, but the evidence does look bad. However, I’ve heard all sorts of stories about poker players, including myself, that were out and out lies. So, I’ll wait until all the evidence is in before I make any positive statement about Russ.

The producer of Two and a Half Men, the popular TV show starring Charlie Sheen, watches High Stakes Poker. He heard me say I really like his show so he sent me Season 3 and Season 4 on DVD. Thanks Mr. Lorre. Actually, I already had them so I loaned them to David Benyamine. That’s ironic because the High Stakes announcer, Gabe Kaplan, asked why I was looking at David when I mentioned Two and a Half Men. 🙂