In five years, will it matter?”

I’ve been getting all kinds of feedback on my blog and twitter. I guess I had better be careful what I write and twitter about. It’s hard to believe how widespread these things have become. I usually just say what’s on my mind and sometimes it isn’t received well. I supposed I’ll just say that if you dislike what I write, don’t read it.

I just got back from New Orleans where I played in a tournament for VIPs of National Table Games. They are putting out a casino game called Doyle Brunson Hold’Em. It’s a fun game and already in some southern casinos.

The people in New Orleans must watch a lot of poker shows because I was recognized everywhere I went. The highlight of my trip was the charbroiled oysters. Drago’s Seafood Restaurant is famous for fixing big Gulf oysters loaded with butter and garlic. Delicious!

I went to the dentist today and have to have a root canal on one of my teeth. Like everyone, I really dislike sitting in a chair having my teeth drilled on. Later this year, I’m going to have some implants. That will be fun 🙂

It looks like the next month or so is going to be pretty packed for me. I’m doing a commercial for the M Casino so I’m not going to hve time to go back up to Montana. Then, I leave for Budapest in early September to meet folks and speak at the Budapest Affiliate Conference for

After that, I’m off to Nottingham for the English Poker Open and then back to Birmingham for the Caesar’s Cup. I then go to London for a televised cash game and right after that the WSOP Europe begins’ where I’ll be playing in the main event. I’ll finally make it back home to Vegas in early October. That’s a lot of traveling for an old man and this may be the last time I cross the big pond.

We’re going to be shooting new videos for the Brunson 10 on DoylesRoom. I’m anxious to meet these young men. I’m particularly glad that Chip Reese’s nephew, Zach Clark, is one of the 10. Everywhere I went in Montana made me think of Chip and what a great friend he was.

I hear they are playing incredible high limits at Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio. I’m going to check it out now that I’m back; but if what I hear is true, these guys have gone insane. I don’t feel like losing 4 or 5 million in one night!