Here it is Sunday night and I thought I would be on my way to the Commerce Tournament in Los Angeles. But when I think of fighting the Sunday traffic on its way back to L.A., I’ve decided to pass. I don’t really feel like going and sitting through a long tournament. I’ve got lots of stuff to do here and I know I wouldn’t play my best. As my Dad used to tell me, “If you chase two rabbits, both will escape.” Hopefully I’ll make the final event at the Commerce.

I’ve made it a full week trying to eat healthy. My main goal was to feel better, but a side benefit is that I lost 8 pounds. I do feel better and I turned the heater back on in my pool and have had a couple of good workouts.

It costs about $15,000 a year to keep the water at 90 degrees but it’s well worth it. The weather got so cold a couple of weeks ago; I turned it off, but no more. Swimming is the only real exercise I can do with this bad leg.

I made it through Valentine’s Day with Louise. We cooked in because the restaurants are so busy during holidays. I event stuck to the healthy meals, cooking salmon on the grill with lots of veggies. Every Valentine’s Day I think of my Dad because Feb. 14th is his birthday. He would have been 125 years old and has been gone 50 years. I still miss him and my Mom.

Time Out! I had to take Louise and my oldest daughter Cheryl out to dinner. We went to one of our favorite spots, the Outback Steakhouse. Even though I guess we can afford the gourmet dining spots, we prefer the local eating places that have good food like Applebee’s, Outback, Egg Works, etc.

We got a bottle of wine with dinner and Cheryl and Louise both had a small glass and I finished the bottle, and then ordered another large glass. Nobody ever said I was conservative about anything. As always, after all that wine, my eye started roving to all the attractive women in the restaurant.

After 47 years, Louise saw what I was doing and gave me a look that would have melted the iceberg that sank the Titanic. I told her, that at my age, be thankful I still have an interest. Just because there is snow on the rooftop, it doesn’t mean there isn’t fire in the furnace. I’ll try to cool her out later tonight.

One reason for my “festive” mood is I went 4 for 4 in college baskets tonight. I have started taking any team that is playing at home and getting points. King of tough sometimes, but if you close your eyes and do that, you will be winner after the season is over.

My book publisher, Avery Cardoza, called and said my autobiography would be ready in October. Man!! I hate for that to hit the stands. Lots of things I’m not proud of will be in that book. Some things just can’t be told, but lots of old facts are in there. I kinda hoped they would wait until I was dead before they published it, but I guess they can’t wait another 27 years 🙂