Seriously, he is. I’m not easily impressed by celebrities (poker or otherwise), but Doyle Brunson is in a class all his own. Aside from being a true legend, he is really witty and incredibly sharp.

I’ve witnessed Doyle’s sense of humor firsthand, as I’ve been lucky enough to hang out with him both on the golf course AND at the poker table! (Being Mrs. B 2 U Son has a multitude of perks and getting to sweat the “Big Game” is in the top five!)

The other night I was sitting behind DB in Bobby’s Room and Doyle said something that just made my day! First, it was hilarious; second, it was just plain AWESOME! He said he was reading one of my blogs and…wait…hold it right there! DOYLE BRUNSON reads my flippin blogs??? Holy shit, that made my day, month and year! OK, so I was smiling from ear to ear, when he then says, “You wrote that you either needed a sports car or to have an affair with a younger guy – what you NEED is an older man.” LOL! I almost fell out of my chair!

Anyway, I’m on a serious upswing, as things seem to be going my way again! Doyle reads my blog, I’ve been winning and I’m working out & eating right. (Surely there’s a correlation between these things.) I played three tournaments at the LAPC: $1000 NL, $1500 NL and the 10k main event.

I final tabled the $1500 and got 37th in the main. I was pretty happy with that, considering I hadn’t had a decent cash since the Festa Al Lago in December. I even played a couple SNG’s and a little 25-50 NL on Full Tilt the other night and was two for two in the sit n go’s and booked a win in the cash game! Yipee! As a reward, I am going to a Beerfest today for some empty calories and F U N!

While waiting for a friend to proof this blog (yes, I now have someone give these silly blogs a quick look since I “occasionally” write something ignorant and offensive – LOL) I discovered two gems: 1. The latest episode of Real Time with Bill Maher that features Sarah Silverman (my absolute favorite comedienne).

Please watch immediately! 2. The combo of the irreverent Silverman and Maher, both of whom I admire, made me feel like NEVER editing my blogs. So what if I say something impious or offensive that could be taken the wrong way?? Maybe everyone needs to loosen up a bit. Maybe they should watch this video…