May 10, 2022

I don't know if it's that I don't have time to blog, (thats not it), or that I just don't have anything to blog about, (not true either)... its prob just that I just PROCRASTINATE!

Since I last left you, what has happened in my meaningless little poker life ; )?

Played the LA poker classic main event.  Got 2nd in my 3 way tattoo last longer prop bet and now I have to get Gavin's face tattooed somewhere on my body.  Greeeeat... this may get on national television by the way... stay tuned.  

Played the LAPC celebrity invitaitonal.  I got hammered and busted.  But my girl Trishelle got 3rd place at the final!  So proud of her.

Went to Vancouver for a small charity thing and was able to check out my first Olympic games!  Went to my first hockey game USA vs. Switzerland.  We won!  Also saw speed skating which was exciting.  Vancouver is a great great city.

I woke up one day and my arm starting swelling up and felt fuucked up.  I thought I broke it in my sleep?  A couple weeks later it went away.

Played the Shooting Star tourney in San Jose besides a 12 hour session of "Lodden Thinks" at the table with esfandiari, Juanda and company, was fairly uneventful.

Played the Wynn Championship.  I didn't cash. Cantu won it!  Good job buddy.

Appeared on Sebok's show Poker2nite.  Of course I was coerced to freestyle rap on the show, and also challenge prahlad friedman to a rap battle.  Also some of my controversial political views came out..

Played the Jimmy V Foundation charity tournament in Reno... great cause.  I drunkenly got 4th place because i am the greatest charity tournament poker player of all time.

Went to my first Jay - z concert at Staples center.  Its beyond me how ive never seen this man in concert.  It was honestly amazing, so much energy.  The crowd was incredible.

I got a new apartment in Los Angeles!  Finally I have my own place here.  Ive finally got settled with furniture and of course my brand new 3d television... i didnt even know this technology existed when i walked into best buy... everything in 3d~ why would i leave my couch?

I started a retarded April Fool's Joke that I took a 50k prop bet to move to Israel until the start of the World Series.  Most people bought it until April 15th when i finally let the cat out of the bag, although I think some people think im still there.  Perhaps two weeks was a bit long to stretch out a joke...

Started building my pool/jacuzzi/backyard in vegas.  Finally after 3 years i will have a backyard at my house!  Its nice what a little extra money can do... now i need more lol.

Played my first NAPT at Mohegan Sun.  Was a great tournament with a great turnout and I actually had a lot of fun on this one.  Was making a good run but ended up mincashing in 90th.

Took a trip to Baltimore, New York after Mohegan Sun.  I havent really been around New York before and Ive started to appreciate the culture and energy of the city!  For some reason I was talked into paying for a 2100$ meal for two people at a restaurant called Masa.  It was one of the best meals ever, tho.  I sweated the 2nd place finisher of sunday million too.. sick to watch.  We shouldve won AK vs A8 8 on flop ;(

Besides that, we have a softball team now with some of the guys in Vegas.  We suck, but its fun!  Also I've been doing decent online but i keep getting close and not closing!  Agh!  Just now busted 22nd in the 2k Scoop.  380k for first grrr.  Bubbled ftops final table other day TT vs. J9.  grrr.  Online frustrates me... but i can feel things improving.

The Series Looms!

@TheMouthMatusow Mikey! Can you please consider lessons with ur buddy madsen... we need to get u to stop playing like a vagina lately! fsho

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