I had Haley Hintze’s blog brought to my attention recently She brought up a few good questions in relation to some UB hand histories that Bear had received. She had combed through Bear’s UB histories and had found there were many hand numbers that were out of sequence, would jump around, or would be missing entirely. Naturally you want to know what was up with that and where those hands went. Soooo, I shot a message to UB security to get an explanation…

They hollered back and told me:

“Transactions that have no monitory value or financial impact on the hand have not been considered. Transactions types like sitting at a table or balance that have no wagering implications on the hand have been excluded. All other transactions types have been considered.”

So what the balls does that mean? It basically means that that the script that is used to retrieve the hands from the database only considers hands where the suspect contributes to the pot, hands where the suspect is sitting at the table but is sitting out or folds preflop are not retrieved.

This applies to all hand histories that have been sent out. The data guy has mentioned that this is because the script to retrieve hands pulls hands where the suspect contributes to the pot and not hands where the suspect is simply dealt cards.

Just wanted to pass along the information as it came to me…

LAPC Tattoo Prop Bet

Well, I have to be honest, not really stoked about this tattoo prop bet coming up at LAPC between myself, Gavin, and Madsen…now that BOTH of them have won tournaments in the last month (congrats, boys). Do I have some seriously solid timing or what? We’ll gut it out though and try to outlast those currently-crushing-tournaments-goofballs though. No quit! No surrender!

This could quite possibly be the stupidest prop bet in history and whoever loses it (keep in mind there are 2 losers) is going to be pissed. It’s not going to be funny or silly, it’s just going to suck. I made a late plea to call off the bet in the name of sanity, but it was shot down, so on we go! I tried, people, I tried…

Come Skydiving With Me!

Also, don’t forget to hop into my freeroll coming up on Feb 17th at 9pm est/6pm pst! It is going to be sick fun and the winner gets a trip out to Vegas to come and jump out of a plane with me, and whoever else I can lock up to do the same! www.skydivewithsebok.com. You’ve gotta get on this!

Holler at ya’ll soon…