Sitting here in the LA airport, about to board a flight to Miami, and eventually Bahamas for the PCA. We just finished filming “P2N” so it’s been a bit of a hectic day. We wrapped for the day, and headed out for a quick bite of mexican food before heading to the airport. Always rushing, baby, as it’s myself and Stapes who are going to make the trek out of the country, both to play the actual main event (for me) and to do a batch of “PokerRoad Radio” shows (both of us). Gonna be some fun!

I would be remiss though if I didn’t at least check in briefly with you about the first idiotic prop bet of 2010…and wow is this one a doozy. Some of you may know about the last longer bet between Gavin Smith and myself at the LAPC a few years back.

If not though, I massacred him and he ended up having to get a tattoo (!) with my initials on his back. Personally, I think it probably helped him get girls, but that’s neither here nor there. At any rate, we felt like we didn’t do it up quite right, so we have reawakened the prop bet for this year…with a vengeance!

Sooooo, Gavin, myself, and Jeff Madsen have all entered into a blood pact…quite literally…in the form of another last longer bet, and another tattoo consequence. This time a little scarier. Whoever is the fist person to bust at this year’s LAPC in Los Angeles will be forced to immediately get the other two fellow’s ugly mugs tattooed on his body…their damn faces (!)…right then…by an in house tattoo artist! The next to bust will only have to get the ultimate winner’s face tattooed on himself, so he gets out pretty easy. The last standing, of course, merely gets to laugh and watch as the other two get their new ink.

This is a sick, sick prop bet, and I am really just beside myself for ever agreeing to it. We are still working out lots of the logistics, but you get the general gist…and wow, is it a serious gist. It is really just beyond anything sensical and I may secretly try to find a way to get out of it. We’ll see!

Holler at ya’ll soon…be good!