Wanted to give a quick update as far as past hand histories on UB go. As far as I know as of right now, there have been 131 requests for personal financial summaries and of those, there have been 48 requests for complete hand histories, with 1 outstanding hand history that is being compiled right now.

Please remember that after you request the initial financial summary that you also need to request the actual hand history file after that. At any rate, those are the numbers that were reported to me as of a week ago.

I continually hear about people saying that they either still don’t have their hand histories or they aren’t happy with them. If anyone hasn’t received their hand histories, please shoot me an email or PM me on the PokerRoad Forums and I will look into it for you, as there shouldn’t be any more of that.

I always hear of people that are upset, but I never actually have those people come to me and ask for help, so I’m forced to chalk most of that up to general frustration and not reality. If I heard more specifics I could take that particular complaint a little more seriously and look into it. I presently am researching two cases for players histories where they felt that they were cheated, so I am looking into cases.

The reason that the hand histories take a little while right now, at least when going back to the times of the cheating, is that they are combining hand histories from both the old network and the new one to complete a total hand history. This is what takes the time I am told. Anyone who just wants their recent hand histories, it should be very quick.

I still have hopes that more of the story will come out and we’ll be able to piece it all together with names sometime soon, but it’s a complicated process. I know everyone would like it to be simple and clean, but it’s just not that kind of situation. I know those out there are frustrated by that statement, but there is no company in the world that is just going to let everyone in on the inner workings of their business. It just doesn’t exist and I understand that from UB.

I can already see the forwarded posts on forums starting that it should be that way, but that’s just not reality. You have to be realistic with this stuff, as painful as that may be sometimes. I said I would work diligently to make this happen, but I never said I would guarantee it, because that last piece is the piece that I knew would be the hardest, and it certainly has held true to form.

So far since I have signed with UB, we have gotten the screennames of all the cheating accounts released, had complete hand histories released, as well as several additions to that information that have been added, like cheater’s hole cards, etc. I am happy that UB has worked with me to make these things happen and I do feel that we have something to build on, and point to, since my signing. It’s not like I, or UB, have been sitting on our hands over the last 4 months.

I won’t lie and say that all the shit people say about me doesn’t bother me from time to time, but you take the good with the bad. Those who call me a liar and say all the terrible things about me, well, you don’t know me at all.

I am not a liar and I actually work and collaborate with UB leadership and security on a regular basis to piece things together, as well as make improvements. I’m not really going to attempt to sway any of your opinions, but it’s silly because I am on your side and I work to get as many of the answers that you want as I can.

It’s offensive to hear people say that I made everything up about wanting to correct things at UB and make sure it is a company we can all trust moving forward, and really just wanted the money. The fact is that it’s a job that I have accepted and I am doing that job. Of course UB pays me, and I work with them to make it a reputable and honesty company.

If I had no intention of doing any of that work that I said I was going to, I would have just signed, taken the money, and not said a word about it. I do not lie and I won’t moving forward. I have always said that. People will believe what they want, and in all honesty I’m too busy to read most any of it. I usually see it when Bear mentions it to me or forwards it along. At any rate, I will just keep working on making things the best they can be moving forward.

Everyone who has offered support, I am indebted to you…