The Beast Is (Almost) Finished...
October 21, 2021

For all of you guys out there who have been wondering what happened to my blogging for the past month or so, all I can tell you is that I fell into a hole. A hole called, "PokerRoad"...

We are up though! The site is up and I hope you guys dig it! We have so much sick content in the pipeline and this is just the beginning! I can't say enough about my web guy, Thad, as he helped me to get this bad boy up in an unbelievably short amount of time for a project of this size. We slaved and had some serious late nights, but I think it was all worth it, and I am stoked with how things turned out. We will be producing some of the sickest poker entertainment content that exists as we plan on hosting several radio shows, several video shows, a host of written content, and all of this without even mentioning that we have the baddest poker blogging team that you could imagine...with a few key bloggers still to stay tuned!

That's really all I have had going on for the last couple of months, getting this project off the ground and running. I haven't really been playing much online poker at all. One cool thing was that Bear and I went in to do the Bluff cover shoot, so be looking for that in December. I think it's going to be pretty cool, and we had a blast doing it. Well, I had a blast trying to get the old guy to actually smile once in a while for a shot...

So please check out the site, do some surfing, and see what fits your appetite. I am sure that we have a little something for everyone. Also, just remember that we will be continually improving and reworking things to make them perfect.

Hope to see you guys soon on PokerRoad... Poker Videos


PS- Oh yeah, the only other real happening of the last month was that the Chicago Cubs and Cal Bears tore my heart directly from my chest and stomped on it in the streets. If anyone is aware of any suitable donors, I am all ears...

it will literally be a miracle if i ever get to bed before 2am. ever.

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