Doyle Brunson Bellagio Classic, End of Day 1; Las Vegas, NV
December 14, 2021

Well, things started just the way they always do for me these days; I ran up a huge chipstack and took the early chiplead here at the Bellagio in Vegas. Life was good, and as usual, I was stoked. I had the little birdie on my shoulder however. It tweeted to me, \"Yeah, buddy. Try not to dust it off this time.\" F that bird, man. F it!

I decided to play it a little slower this time. Instead of slamming down on the gas pedal, I played slightly more calm and didn\'t try to pick a fight with every single person at the table. It paid off and I watched my chip stack grow from 75k to my finishing stack of 125k. Not bad if I do say so myself. Poker News

I still played my usual aggressive game and truthfully I probably still raised more than twice as many pots as anyone at my table, but it felt a lot more controlled to me. I generally just released my hand when faced with a big confrontation where I didn\'t hold the nuts. Usually I figure I can take someone off their hand and I go about my dirty business of doing so. This Seebs chilled it out a little bit and it seemed to work better.

I didn\'t have too many huge hands other than the one that really got me going. I held AA and my opponent had flopped two pair. I was forced to make a decision about moving in on the turn and whether or not I was beat. I made the wrong decision and did get it all in, but the Poker Gods saw fit to pair the Jack on board, thus giving me a bigger two pair. From that point on I was really off to the races and just played my game. Good day...

One thing that did kinda suck was that I ended up busting Erica Shoenberg when her 99 ran into my pocket Jacks. She is a sweetheart and I was sad to lose her from the table.

I wish I could regale you guys with more stories of the day, but the truth is that I still have a ton of work to do for the site and I gotta cut this blog short. Cross your fingers for me and let\'s see if I can keep it going tomorrow...


Music for the day...

Level 1: Iron & Wine, \"The Creek Drank The Cradle\"
Level 2: Rachael Yamagata, \"Happenstance\"
Level 3: Eddie Vedder, \"Into The Wild\"
Level 4: Motion City Soundtrack, \"Even It Kills Me\"
Level 5: Red Hot Chili Peppers, \"Stadium Arcadium\"

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