Another UB Hand History Update & Aruba; Aruba
October 7, 2021
Alright, ya'll.  Have an update as far as the UB hand histories go...
We went through the process and weren't completely happy with how the information was being formatted, so we decided to tweak it a bit.  It will be as follows:
1.    Once you send in your request to (, include your name, account name, address) or we work our way through the current ones in the queue, you will be sent two spreadsheets.  The first will be as before a complete summary of all the cheating accounts that you played again, the total hands you played against each, and the amount that you won/lost against each.  This spreadsheet will have 117 lines, one for each cheating account.
2.    You will also receive a data sheet with all the win/losses vs. each cheating account.  This is basically a breakdown of all the information you could want minus the actual hole cards, which will be contained in the actual hand histories that will be sent out after this first piece of information.
This first spreadsheet will probably satisfy more of the requests that come in to take a look at the data.  Of course, many of you want the real meat, the actual entire hand histories, so once you have gotten this first initial summary breakdown and taken a look, just shoot an email back in letting us know that you want the entire hand histories for all the hands you played against the cheating accounts.  The reason for this is that it takes much more time and manpower and thus we want to only get this out to those players who actually want them and will use them.  If we fired them up for every request coming in, we would be doing a TON of unnecessary work for players who actually just want a summary.  Might seem annoying to have to go this second step but the first request is faster and it covers most players needs and that's why we chose to do it this way.
Once we get this second email shot in from you after you have had a chance to check out the summary sheet, we will then be shipping along the entire hand histories, complete with ALL cheating accounts' hole cards, whether or not they went to showdown with you.  This is obviously a cumbersome process, so please practice a little more patience with us.  I know you've been waiting a while, so we will try to get everything out as fast as we can...
That should cover it, and we are beginning this process right now, so be looking for all this information back out very soon...
All kinds of absurdity to report on from here in Aruba and London before here.  Rough life, right?  Yeah, I know...haha...
The truth is that sometimes you have to chuck Annie Duke and Phill Hellmuth into a pool against their wills.  God knows, many of you would like to do it out there....we got it done for you.  Ha!
Sadly, busted out of the tournament ridiculously quickly when I picked up pocket Kings twice in the first level and ended up playing big pot with them both.  As is often the case though early when you play big pots with Aces and Kings, I had the second best hand both times.
My punishment is to lay on the beach and attempt to relax as much as I can though.  Like I said, rough life, right?  Ha...
@howardhlederer @the_USO @HuckleberrySeed @phil_hellmuth @AnnieDuke @Tom_Dwan safe travels + great trip for you all.

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