WSOP & "Poker 2Nite"; Las Vegas, NV
November 8, 2021
Wow, wow, wow.  What an absolutely sick day yesterday at the final table.  We lost Phil in 7th (oh, the irony) and that truly put a damper on things as I think it would have been very good for poker if Phil could have somehow weaved his way to headsup.  He said that he really didn't have many hands, and that coupled with the conservative style that he had already decided to play going in made things tough on him.  He just never got much wiggle room.
The two guys who did make it to headsup, Joe Cada and Darvin Moon, managed to get it in almost every time in a bad spot.  Silly, silly poker.  I will say this, you are going to be blown away at the excitement that was generated at that table though, when it finally hits the ESPN telecast.  I just hope that television is able to capture just a small portion of it.  Was absolutely electric...
Gonna be tough for Darvin to take this one down though.  My money is on Cada being crowned our next ambassador tomorrow.
"Poker 2Nite"
Not sure how many of you were listening to the Bluff final table telecast, but Huff and I made a pretty big announcement that we couldn't possibly be more excited about.  We, along with Stapes as head writer, will be launching a new poker-based news show that will air on FoxSports television (!) nationally every week.  It's called "Poker 2Nite" and we are going to try and bring as much of the PokerRoad sensibility to the show as we possibly can.  We shoot the first show on 11/17, with episodes to air Wednesdays at 11pm starting the next day, the 18th, and then being rebroadcast throughout the weekend.  We'll bring you more details as they come up, but get ready because it's going to be one hell of a fun always. :)  We need to bring the fans over from PokerRoad, so please support!
That's all I've got for you today, boys and girls.  I went to bed around 9am, from all of the final table festivities and am still pretty tired.  Exciting stuff on the horizon though, so get ready!
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