Cada, ESPN, Bluff, "P2N"; Las Vegas, NV
November 12, 2021
WSOP '09 is over and my pick to win it all, Joey Cada, ended up taking it down.  He is a real nice kid and I think a predominantly-Internet player winning is a good thing for the game, and it gives us all an idea of things to come in future years.  The game is changing and this might be the first signal of that, so buckle up...
He already kicked things off with a ton of class, throwing a party for all of his friends and family and inviting a MASSIVE cross-section of the media to it as well.  V impressive and a great way to kick things off after his win.  Through a shitty twist, he actually wasn't even able to attend the party himself, but believe me, the poker community will remember the gesture moving into the future.
Only other thing to say about the WSOP is great job ESPN and 441 Productions.  Year in and year out, they do the best job out there and it needs to be recognized.  Amazing stuff.
I also had a blast doing the radio telecast of the final table as well.  Ty to Phil Hellmuth, Justin Bonomo, Ike Haxton, The Maven, and all of the other assorted characters who worked on it as well.  Fun, fun, fun...
I'm heading back to LA soon, to get ready to prep and shoot our new show, "Poker 2Nite", next week, which debuts this coming Wednesday night on FSN.  It's an incredible opportunity and it's pretty sick of UB to have the faith in us to put up the money to sponsor the show.  I just hope we can come through with the same success that we have been able to create at  We'll see...
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