Password is released!  Get on this...Now!
1.  Download the UB client if you don't already have it:
2.  Click on the "Tourneys" tab
3.  Click on the "Freerolls" tab
4.  Scroll down and open up event "Seboks Leap Of Faith" (it's in BLUE!)
5.  Enter password:   rainingsebok
Do it!  Do it! Do it!                                       FREE TOURNAMENT!!
Sometimes I really love my life.  Love it!  This blog has 2 parts, so please be sure to read both!
"Sebok's Leap of Faith"
We hatched up something pretty sick over at UB for an incredible giveaway that I have been wanting to do since I first arrived there, and they are finally giving me the opportunity to do it!  Winning money at poker is great, obviously, and it's why we play the game in addition to the thrill of winning, competition, etc., but let's come up with something more.  I always wanted to give winners in tournaments something more than cash, something that they can't do just anywhere, and finally I can.  Over at UB we are holding a freeroll tournament complete with $2000 in cash and prizes, but the first place prize is a little different this go around...
1st place in the "Sebok's Leap of Faith" freeroll gets to fly out to Vegas, with a guest, and come skydiving with me!
Yep, that's right.  Let me tell you, you haven't lived until you have seen the strip off in the distance rocketing up at you at 200 mph.  Sick!  For those of you who are a little spooked at the notion of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane though, I totally understand.  If someone takes down the tournament but doesn't wanna go skydiving, we have an equally awesome experience out in Vegas that doesn't require you hurtling yourself towards the Earth.  I'm cooking up something and I'll let you know soon...

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Either way, we will have a blast in Vegas, get into some crazy stuff, and we can chat about anything that might be rolling around that head of yours...
Sooooo, here are the details:  the freeroll (as in completely free entry) is going to be on February 17th at 9pm (est), 6pm (pst), and we will figure out when we can fly you out to Vegas after we have a winner!  This is so sick, and something I have wanted to give to someone for a long time!  Also, keep in mind, there just may be a few cameos from professional players who might make the jump with us.  Not promising anything, but there is quite a lot of interest and I know quite a lot of pro poker players.  Yesssss! 
Get on this!  The freeroll will require a password to enter and we'll get all of that info out to you guys shortly. The password will be released via the UB Twitter account so be sure you're following to get the inside scoop!
"UB Pro Competition"
Alright, I told you guys that this email had a second part and here it is:  Not only do I get to throw this unbelievable freeroll and jump out of a plane with one of YOU, but we are also having a little competition over at UB amongst the pros.  That's right, a few of the gang will also be cooking up their own experiences and throwing their own freerolls and we'll have our own winner for whose does the best.  So, suffice it to say:  WE NEED TO WIN THIS THING!
Not only for pride, but the WINNER of the UB competition gets a night out on the town in Vegas, complete with dinner, drinks, and perhaps a show or club (Do I smell another Twitter contest here??), and the LOSER has to serve as concierge for the entire night!  That's right!  Sweet monkeys swinging in a tree, please help me to make sure that Annie or Phil have to wait on me!  I can think of nothing sweeter than ordering either of them around as their faces turn a nice shade of crimson.  "They're putting too much lime in their vodka tonics at this bar, Annie.  Can you come over and speak to them about person???"  Wahahahahahahahahahahahahah!
So there you have it, everyone.  The complete two-part breakdown.  We are going to have some serious fun so get yourself into their tournament, both to help yourself win a trip out to Vegas for some good times, but also to help me take down this competition!
Gonna be some serious fun...holler at you all soon...