Doyle Brunson Bellagio Classic, MY End of Day 3; Las Vegas, NV
December 15, 2021

Today sucked pretty much about as bad as it possibly could have. I came in with 125k in chips and immediately lost my first two pots to put me in short stack mode, which sucks more than anything for a player like me. I wasn\'t able to get in and mix it up at all, and basically just had to sit there doing nothing for most of the day.

We hit the money at the end of the second level, but I was only sitting on about 80k in chips. The third level provided a ton of fireworks, and also me with the idea that I had a chance to make some noise in this event. Poker Videos

I finally managed to pick up a few hands at this point and ran my stack up to about 200k, which seemed like a million to me. I then, stupidly, played a huge 400k chip pot for my tournament life. I called a raise from the small blind with A7 suited, and three of us saw a flop of A89. The big blind bet out, and he been making a lot of bets recently and then folding to raises. The original raiser folded and I was faced with a decision for my tournament basically. I didn\'t want to just call here, knowing that I would probably be facing bets on later streets that would cause me trouble, and I wasn\'t sure of the strength of my hand either. I probably should have made a probing raise to about 90k or so and found out where I stood. Unfortunately for me, my head was in other things besides online poker in that last hour or so and I think it affected my play there. I decided to ship it in and was called by my opponent and his 89, good for two pair. I bricked out, and that was that.

A great waste of time, really. I struggled and fought all yesterday and today only to make a snap moron decision for all my chips. Great job, Seebs. Folding would have been a better play there than what I did. Instead, I am left with what could have been. I had battled through the tough spots in the tournament and thought maybe that I had just gotten enough air to make some noise. Not to be, not to be...


Music for the day...

Level 1: Frou Frou, \"Details\"
Level 2: Dave Matthews, \"Some Devil\"
Level 3: Rush, \"Counterparts\"

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