Regular Blogs From UB COO Paul Leggett; Las Vegas, NV
May 27, 2022
There are so many questions swirling around UB and past issues, as well as some current ones, that it seemed to make sense to establish some sort of regular communication between UB management and the poker community.  I attempt to answer as many as I can but the truth is that many of them I simply do not have answers for.  I don't work in Costa Rica obviously and I do not actually run the company, and thus often don't have responses to specific questions.  Rather than me try to come up with them, which would be unfair to the poker community, I sat down with COO Paul Leggett and we both agreed that it made more sense for him to begin a regular blog answering questions that I bring to him.  To his credit, he loved the idea and agreed to begin immediately, doing a biweekly address.
It's my hope that this will begin a dialogue of sorts, in which I may serve as a conduit to Paul, bringing him the most pertinent questions that the poker community has to ask, and then he can supply those answers, hopefully dissuading many of the negative rumors that sprout up online.  Regardless, it will begin a back and forth through which we will all learn more about situations that it seems so many of us talk about continually.
When Paul writes a blog, I will also write a blog, letting you know that his is out there and you can, as always, send me questions and follow up questions, to pose to him.  With that, here is the first blog from Paul, addressing UB's formula for how UB's refunds were calculated...
Subsequent blogs will attack bigger and headier issues.  Again, I can't thank Paul enough for agreeing to this arrangement.  Most in his position would not...
Talk soon...
@Andy_Bloch @howardhlederer remind me to tell you guys about some of my various eating bets sometime.

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