Summer Is In Full Swing; Las Vegas, NV
June 17, 2021
Whew, so much to cover this time of year.  The poker world is going a mile-a-minute and it's tough for anyone to catch their breath right now, but it's something that we all love.  If you aren't happy during the WSOP (well, I guess that's a sort of day to day thing...haha) then you just aren't a poker player.
My WSOP has been pretty strange this year.  I've probably played about 9 events and only have 1 cash to show for it.  You would think I would be pulling my hair out and gnashing my teeth every day, but I'm really not.  I've played deep in almost every event, with a nice slow and steady build of my chips all day, and very often into day two of any given event.  It seems that I lose steam about there though, as I either have been taking a beat or losing a big race at a critical time, which is obviously pretty tough to guard against.  I couldn't be more pleased with my play though, and I expect to break through sometime soon as long as I keep my head in this positive space and keep playing my game.
I think this is the best poker I have played since we started PokerRoad about 3 years ago, so I'm happy about that.  The poker tournament gods are finicky though and things need to align perfectly to final table, and eventually take down, an event.  It's coming though.  I'm building up stacks and playing too well for it to not.  I hope.  Haha...
I'm very happy that Paul has begun writing more blogs, and writing them more frequently.  We sit down and discuss things often and I always want him to tell the public the things that he tells me so people can get more of a feel of his position and understand the difference between fact and rumors.  Be looking for more of those as the weeks go by addressing things like A) UB's place in the industry, B) the technical issues with getting hand histories from before the Cereus network was began, and C) the rumors that old employees and owners are still involved in the company and are running things.  I think it's important to simply open up lines of communication and let information flow and I'm happy we are doing that  better now.  Here's his most recent:
Be looking for the full story from the super-user scandal on WickedChopsPoker over the next week or so.  Part 1 is here: , with part 2 to come next week.  I'll write a blog following up once the boys over there are done putting it all together.
That's all I've got, kiddies.  Looking forward to game 7 tonight.  Would have been an incredible one had Perkins not gone down for the Celtics, but we'll take what we can get.  It's already been a great sports summer for me, as my Blackhawks took down the Stanley Cup this year!  That drought was ended fantastically and I got to believe all my sports teams aren't cursed for a year!  Life is great...
Talk to ya...
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