UB Hand Histories Follow Up; Los Angeles, CA
November 5, 2021
The long-awaited blog from Paul Leggett at UB has finally dropped and we have some clarification on what has happened to the missing hand histories that we all have wanted to see so badly.  By all admissions, even Paul's, this is not the resolution that we all were looking for.  The data missing is about as disappointing as it gets and I'm left thinking, "Where do we go from here?"  The only reasonable solution seems to me to have a third party group come in and confirm the findings that the Excapsa hardware/software/what have you did in fact fail in some way and that data is no longer there or retrievable.  I think this is logical and will hopefully give us the final answer on this matter.
I would like to offer that possibility up to a third party group; the opportunity to come in and be able to examine the drives to determine their own findings in the matter.  If there is a group that is interested in doing this please contact UB, or myself, and this is something that can now be arranged.  My only caveat though is that it simply has to be a group that is only interested in discovering the truth in this matter.  I always said that I didn't trust two kinds of people when I first started working on all of this: 1) those people who desperately wanted to prove that UltimateBet had no fault in any of this and were perfect, and 2) those people who vehemently wanted to prove that UltimateBet was the devil and wanted to crucify them.  Both of those opinions are simply far too fraught with veiled interests here to have any real or trustable conclusions.  With that said, please step up if you are interested in examining the UB files/drives, etc.
I think it's important, as unpopular as it might be, to point out that the current regime at UB isn't the one responsible for all of this.  They aren't the individuals who cheated their customers, and they aren't the individuals who reportedly used poor software/poor hardware/poor methodology to store data and information.  That's not to say that the new regime hasn't made mistakes along the way, we know that they have, but the individuals that you really want, and the issues that come up time and time again are from the past group who owned and ran UltimateBet at that time.  I wish that we could just scoop those people up and prosecute them for all of this, but that's impossible at this time, as we know.
We still want to make it as right as we can, and I still would like to be a conduit to serve that purpose.  The final step in that process may just be having a new group come in and take a look at things, so here's to that happening soon.  Please throw your hat into the ring if you are interested...
PS- I also wanted to clear up a few things that I am getting information on from my side of the ball:
1.  Uri Kozai, from all of the information that I have been told, is actually one of the persons responsible for much of the mistakes that were made with the data.  I was told that his company supported the data and that that company was responsible for the loss of it. 
2.  The earlier script which was written and pulled some of the hand histories out based on when the "suspect" did not contribute to the pot in any way is completely different from the current information about the hand histories which have been lost entirely.  That script that was used to pull data for players that requested their hand histories against the cheating accounts pulled every hand in which the suspect contributed to the pot. There may have been gaps in these hands for two reasons; a) The suspect folded preflop, b) The data for those hands was lost.  As explained the financial records for all hands played by the cheating accounts are intact, missing hole card data has no repercussions on player's refunds. Missing hole card data has no repercussions on player's net win/loss against the cheating accounts.

3.  Another point to hit on briefly is one that Paul touched on in his initial blog.  The length of time that it took to get to this point was massively affected by the fact that UB has been trying to recover the lost hand histories for quite some time.  It seems that often there would be a possibility of recovering them or the potential to do so, and then would not pan out.  This kept pushing things back further.
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poker fanJoe - this is complete horseshit. Stop sticking up for UB's current and past incompetence. There are individuals whom are still owed many hundreds of thousands of dollars from the cheating scandal - it's patently obvious that they are not going to receive anything further from this company. Disassociate yourself and try and rebuild your own integrity - this has been a disaster. 0