Turning the page for the New Year at UB; Hermosa Beach, CA
December 30, 2021
What an incredible couple of months it has been for us over at UB.  Nothing like a little, or in this case a lot, of change to ring in a new year with excitement and freshness.  2010 sees us parting ways with two icons of the poker world, Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke.  These two legends in our industry have, quite literally, helped to build UB into what it is today.  Phil and Annie have been the face of the company for years now, and we thank them for their unbelievable contributions and bid them the utmost in success moving forward.  With that said, we look forward to 2011, and I believe it will be the finest year that we have ever had at UB...
We plan on kicking things off with our UBOC6 in January, and things simply just keep getting better and better with our UBOC's.  They keep growing and the player's keep getting more and more excited about them every time out.  We are, of course, looking for our sixth iteration to be even bigger and better than the last five.  Should be some serious fun with over $5 million in guaranteed money, a high roller event, watches given away to event winners, and of course the chance to compete with Team UB in each and every event.
Speaking of Team UB, while it's true that two of our members have moved on, don't think that we aren't restocking the talent.  We'll be announcing our newest Team UB member next week and I am crazily pumped about it.  UB has, and will continue to have, a whole new look and feel for our team and our newest signing exemplifies that, so stay tuned for that announcement next week.  Going to be a bit of a doozy...
A whole new marketing direction will be another new addition in 2011, so get set for that change as well.  We are going to be redefining what UB is, what poker is, and what it is to be a member of the strongest online poker community there is.  There will be new additions to the game client, some incredible new functionality that you've only just dreamed of yet, and more little nuggets that I don't quite want to let out of the bag yet.  Let's just say that we are going to be bringing more of the feel and nuances of live poker directly into your online UB experience, so buckle up...
A lot more surprises and changes are in the coming this year, and I think that all of you are going to be very pleasantly surprised at how we are pushing the envelope for you for now, as well as the future.  Here's to 2011 and here's to innovation...
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