Now I Know Why They Let Me In So Easy; Nassau, Bahamas
January 5, 2022

...they knew I would be leaving just as quickly!

I must say, today was much like the balls of a Chinese broccoli farmer. I started off quick...big surprise...and ran my starting stack of 20k up to about 26k in the first level, but then had the unfortunate happening of flopping flush under flush to the nut flush and got hurt pretty bad there. Poker Radio

From that point on, really nothing much happened. I would raise in with AK and miss the flop, lose the pot and move on. I would call a raise with 77 and repeat the missing of the flop. Before I knew it I was short and ended up shoving with K9 in the small blind to a button raise, when the raised held pocket Jacks. I wasn't able to hit and that was that. Quick and tidy...

At any rate, I will now have to lick my wounds by drinking copious amounts of alcohol, enjoying the sun, and doing the radio show. Still, not a bad life...

I will hold myself in personal contempt if I am not able to supply you all with at least one ridiculous drunken story by the end of the week. Stay tuned... peace,

Music for the Day...

Level 1: Music from the Motion Picture, "Juno"
Level 2: Jars of Clay,"Jars of Clay"
Level 3: U2, "Joshua Tree"
Level 4: Liz Phair, "Whip-Smart"
Level 5: Lbertines, "Up The Bracket"

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