Down Under Bound; Los Angeles, CA
January 11, 2022

Wow, that was one hell of a week at the PCA in the Bahamas. I want to thank all of our amazing guests, and guest hosts, over on PokerRoad Radio. We had some solid debate and, if nothing else, it got everyone thinking a little bit...which is always a good thing.

I wish I had more stories of drunkenness, but I only went out two nights. My debacle with playing Bart's money in the cash game was pretty funny though...

Suffice it to say, my ass is dead dog tired, as I am home in LA for one day. Just enough time to wash some clothes and get a few things in order. At least the next destination is one of my favorites in the world: Melbourne! Poker News

Can't wait to get down there and have some fun! Maybe I'll find someone to run PokerRoad for a week...? Eh, pretty doubtful, huh?

Holler at you soon!


P.S.- ShronkDaddy (one of our PR team) suggested that Isaac Haxton and I settle our little feud with some sort of live sng challenge that pits mainly live and online players against each other! Would be such a blast! I think it would be cooler to have some sort of decathalon though...y'know...Uno, Connect Four, heads up online poker, archery, drinking, etc? It would see who had more +EV in life!

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