Frustration, Baby...Aussie Busto; Melbourne, Australia
January 15, 2022

So awesome to take a trip completely around the world only to bust within the first three hours of a tournament. It's really irritating and just kills the spirits, man. I was so excited to sit down and play some online poker! More and more, the events I play in serve as a tiny refuge from the constant work of building and growing the website. It's fun work, but it's work nonetheless. I like to play, man! I like to play!

Anyway, I'm more than a little frustrated to be out of Aussie Millions so early. I wasn't ever able to get much going in the short time I was playing today. I blew through some chips with a bluff where I knew exactly what my opponent held. I had pocket nines on an all spade, Ace-high flop. My opponent check called my flop and turn bets after much deliberation each time. I surmised that a large river bet would be impossible for him to call after his obvious nervousness from before. I did so, but he unfortunately called with his paired Ace. I figured out after that fact that is was definitely a bad spot to bluff, as I asked him, "You call an all-in?" The response was "probably", which meant that this was a bad dude to bluff...

At any rate, after that I dwindled down a little bit until I had a big pot where I held the 78 in a four-way pot. The flop came down J109, giving me the bottom end of the straight, with a flush draw and a gutterball straight flush draw, obviously a strong hand. Sadly for me, after some betting and raising amongst all parties involved, Ari Engel ended up having the nuts, with his KQ, and I bricked out. Grrrrrrr, sucks, sucks, sucks... Poker Radio

Of course, all is not lost as I am still in Melbourne and I will shake the bustout off and get into some fun. I think a few of us (FBT, Gav, Wasicka, and myself) are going to hook up with the National Cricket team here and try to hit some of their pitches, which will be next to impossible for our out-of-shape poker playing asses. I'm also going to try and do some diving with sharks in the next few days, with Roy Winston and Clonie, which should be awesome! I will let you know how it all shakes out...

Still, I would most def trade it all for being able to play in the tournament...aya!


Music for the day...

Level 1: Citizen Cope, "Every Waking Moment"
Level 2: Bruce Hornsby, "Hot House"

P.S.- I'm very interested in seeing how people are going to react to the "JJProdigy" interview we did on PRR. I'm sure there will be some who say that we didn't go for the kill and tear this kid to pieces. Of course, that was never our intention in the first place. I wanted to get him on the show to talk about what happened and see what has changed because of it. It was an interesting, and somewhat strange, interview and for those who wanted blood, they should rethink their position. No media show exists merely to shred people for the sake of shredding. The point should be to try to get to the bottom of things and ask some questions. In that respect, I think we accomplished what we had intended.

@howardhlederer @the_USO @HuckleberrySeed @phil_hellmuth @AnnieDuke @Tom_Dwan safe travels + great trip for you all.

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