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January 15, 2022

Hmmm, I'm not sure where to begin on this issue. We at PokerRoad Radio stewed over how to handle this interview for several days. Should we give JJ a forum to just tell his story? Should we railroad him and give everyone what they want? Should we just treat it as a normal interview and go about our business? It was tough to figure out what the best course of action should be...

In the end I decided that the correct course was to ask the questions that we felt people wanted to know...that we felt were tough questions...and let JJ guide which way things would go for him. I, in no way, feel that we "let him off easy" or that we let him "skirt the issues" as has been claimed in many of the forums by the very vocal posters. We got into what went down, all of the scandals, what ways he went about cheating, how he conducted himself through them and after, and how he feels now about what has happened. If JJ was to hang himself, it would be by his own doing. I had no intention to crucify this kid just to appease the mob that wanted blood.

On so many levels, we had to let the interview guide itself. I didn't feel that Bart went easy on him. I wish that we had gotten into more follow up questions to force JJ to expand on many of his simple answers, but in no way did I feel that Bart failed to ask tough questions. He got into specifics about what/where/how all the cheating went down and it was very obvious that JJ had a tough time answering them. Poker Videos

People need to understand that, as a radio show or any media entity, all we can do is ask the questions. It seems very much to me that the masses who want the vengeance wanted us to say, "Listen, dude, you are a cheater and you know it and we think you should hang for it. Deal with that." This isn't remotely professional and would basically ensure that we would never get another guest on PRR if there was ever a hint of discussing anything scandalous. You want to provide a forum to discuss the topics, and we tried to do that.

When media entities interviewed figures such as Charles Manson and Ted Bundy they did not begin with, "So, Charles, you are a murdering son of a bitch and we all know that you shouldn't be allowed to breathe anymore on this planet..." Clearly those killers crimes dwarf anything that JJ has done. The point being this: media does not run that way for several reasons. It is unprofessional, but it also would ensure that no information would be gleaned.

You also have to understand that this kid knows that EVERYONE wants his blood. The only way to conduct an interview like this one is to try to give a small feeling to the interviewee that enables them to feel slightly comfortable. All of your cries for blood, while they may be deserved as well as earned, were not our responsibility to deliver. I repeatedly asked JJ how he felt about being ostricized, whether or not he cared about it, what he was most remorseful about in the situation, and if he was sorry at all. Had we just laid into him the way that so many of you believe we should have, the interview would have lasted one minute as he would either have just gotten up and walked out, or he would have just shut down completely, with zero answers at all.

I can't speak for what Gav's opinions were, as I don't agree with them. I didn't agree with them in earlier shows and I do not agree with them now. I think that multi-accounting, ghosting, buying accounts, and every other form of online cheating are reprehensible, and I said as much on the show...actually on multiple shows now. With that said, Gav is my boy, and while I do not agree with him in this case, I respect his opinion. As some of you may remember, Bear has similar opinions to Gav on these issues (not specifically on the JJ case, as I know that Bear considers JJ to be the approximation of a one-man crime ring and completely in a class all his own) when it comes to multi-accounting and whatnot. Many pros feelings are that it isn't as big a deal as it's being made out to be. I do not share this opinion, I am merely pointing it out.

As far as the attacks on me, I am quite used to it by now. I stated my opinion when I felt strongly about it. I openly admitted when I felt that I didn't have enough information to comment on something, and I said that I thought what JJ did was most definitely wrong. You are all so angry because I didn't say, "Listen you little motherfucker, you are wrong and you know this, so knock the shit off!" This is not responsible journalism, if you can call our show something so serious, and I would have been embarassed for behaving like that. I took the side of everyone else wants this kid hung and I am going to try and get as much information out of him as I can, while I can. If you all have decided that you "hate" me for trying to make JJ feel comfortable, then so be it. That is part of my job as a co-host of PRR and I will continue to do so in the future for all of my guests.

When I said that I respected JJ's decision to come on the show and discuss the matter, I meant it. It takes a lot of balls to get up in a forum like that talk about things that are reprehensible and so obviously immoral and wrong. He knew that he would be thrashed for it and he did it anyway. Call him what you want, he decided to do the interview when so many others would not have.

In closing, I don't agree with anything that JJ has done and most of the ways that he has conducted himself in the last month or so. He seems like a real scared kid to me who is way out of his element and doesn't know what the hell to do. My gut feeling is that he isn't really remorseful about what he did, but rather that he got caught for what he did. I certainly won't excuse it, but whether or not all of you want to admit it, JJ is 18. I can't begin to tell you the amounts of stupid shit that I did when I was that age. I wouldn't have been able to handle anything that he's going through...whether he earned it or not...and I don't think that he can either.

For those of you who feel that we softballed JJ, you are wrong. For those of you who feel that we may have flubbed the interview a little, you have an argument there. I assure you though, that we tried to deal with it as responsibly as we could, in an effort to get as many answers and as much information that we could without completely ripping JJ's head off, which we actively tried not to do.

The forum culture is one that is steeped in venom and vitriol. The vocal players love to point out what they hate, who they hate, and how everything is awful around them. I promised myself long ago that I would neither post there, nor respond to any attacks on myself. I am making an exception in this case, as I feel that this is a big enough story that I wanted everyone to have my opinion on how it went down.

I believe that many out there would only have been happy if we had strung up JJ and executed him right there on the air . I'm sorry but you will have to tune into another show for that, as it will not be happening on mine. Not now, and not ever.


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