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February 11, 2022

I was inspired by my rampant drinking, and completely debaucherous Super Bowl weekend, to do something that I have wanted to do for a long time; the Master Cleanse. I have wanted to do it for a long time, and this month at home seemed like perfect timing to finally pull it off, so I leapt into it full force.

You know the one, the lemon juice/water/cayenne pepper cleanse/fast. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can already hear you guys yapping about the new-agey nonsense of it. The concept is to get healthier, clean out the system, and honestly for me, just to mentally challenge myself. So, you drink these little lemon/water/pepper drinks, and only those drinks, all day for ten days. Amanda decided to do it with me, although she wasn't able to last that long. We started it together on Thursday night and she begged out on Saturday. She's a little one though and I think maybe her system just couldn't handle the shock of not eating at all for any length of time.

I have fared better, now sitting in my 4th day of having not eating anything at all. Truth be told, I'm really not that hungry at all. I feel like...if the price was right...I could easily do this for a month. I am completely amazed that I am not laid up , unable to function, and starving to death. That hasn't been the case at all though. I have been working normally the whole time, hanging out, and just doing all the normal things that I would do. The only thing that I am finding I miss is just the taste of food. I absolutely LOVE eating, so I miss the pizza, sushi, and other assorted favorites of mine, but not in a hunger-based way. Rather I just enjoy eating itself and so feel like that is what I miss. I'll let you know how it all shakes out as I should be doing it into next week... Poker Radio

That's about it on my end. Had a couple of album releases that I was looking forward to last week. "Sleep Through The Static", by Jack Johnson and "Lucky", by Nada Surf have proven not to disappoint and I have been jamming out to them all week. It's good stuff. There may be no music that you can chill out to better than Jack Johnson these days...

I also saw, "There Will Be Blood", which is another vehicle for Daniel Day Lewis to just completely blow your mind. This guy is literally why we should all go to movies. Every time I see him in a film, I totally forget that he is playing a character at all and just assume that I am watching some sort of extravagantly shot documentary about that person's life. He is so sick, it's unbelievable.

Haven't been playing much online poker at Commerce so far...just been busy, oh and starving myself too...haha...


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