Master Cleanse...Finito!; Los Angeles, CA
February 18, 2022

It's done, baby! Woohoo! The Master Cleanse was awesome, don't get me wrong. I was super energized and felt amazing. I lost a bunch of weight and just felt, as well as feel, all around more healthy and clean. Sometimes though, you just wanna eat some food! I can't wait to begin eating again as of today. All the sushi, lasagna, etc. in the world is calling out to me!

I definitely have a new found appreciation for my health, what I put into my body, and just having a more healthy outlook on life in general. I think the key to this kind of stuff is not to try and just not eat anything bad for you, or try to completely overhaul the way you live. That's just not that practical, as well as incredibly difficult. We can all be more aware though and cut down on the bad stuff while upping the good stuff that we take in. It has an effect on the way we act, see the world, and how we interact with each other as well. I'm still going to grub down some pizza from time to time though...because that shit is just straight up good.

A bunch of people wanted to know how I felt in terms of energy, and I felt basically great the entire time. The only tough day was day 8 for me. I had a lunch meeting with Huff and Ali for the P.R. Poker Radio shows coming up and we went to "Cheebo" in Hollywood. It literally killed me to watch those dudes eat, and actually seemed to completely color the way I felt for the rest of the day. I was irritated and listless that entire Friday and it sucked. I was actually pretty fearful that my last two days would mirror this as well, but I didn't need to fear as when I woke up the next day I was feeling my happy self again.

I was also able to run the whole time, although I didn't every day as I didn't want to totally kill all my energy. It wasn't a problem though when I did want to, and I did. Basically I would recommend the Cleanse to everyone who is interested in trying it. It was really awesome and I do feel a ton healthier. That is to say nothing about the mental aspects of just challenging yourself to do something difficult and coming through and being able to pull it off at the end. You will give yourself a pat on the back and feel all the better, and probably more powerful, for it. I think things like that are very important in this world, where we all get bogged down from time to time and stuck in doing the same things every day. Challenge yourself to do something new, something that you haven't done before and you will be happy that you did.

That's all I got for you guys today. I'm closing on some very cool PokerRoad partnerships in the very near future, so be looking for that. The site is just going to get better and better, so be ready for it...

Also, on a very wide side tangent, anyone ever notice how good the album "The Razor's Edge" by AC/DC is? I haven't picked it up since I was like in high school and that album actually seriously rocks. If you are looking for a long lost hidden gem, pick that bad boy up...


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