Just Hangin' In...Newark?; Newark, NJ
November 3, 2021

Oh man, I am really starting to think that someone is trying to tell me something about traveling here.

I'm sitting here in Newark, as my flight was cancelled tonight, preventing me from getting to Providence, and thus getting to Foxwoods. I don't know who I pissed off among the poker gods, but please allow me to say it here...

I am very sorry. Please stop now. Haha...

I don't know what to expect after the Canada debacle this month. I think I am half expecting to be stopped by the non-existent border patrol in Connecticut! Guess I'll have to wait another day to find out about that one.

At any rate, I was out and about in LA last night with a bunch of the peeps, as it was Huff's birthday. We went out to a mexican feast and then on to a bar called "The Well". I was stopped at the door for wearing flip-flops, like I basically always do, but lucky for me Alexandra, Huff's girlfriend, waved her magic wand and I didn't have to pull out any money to get in the door.

The night was a welcome relief from working on PR for a few hours, and i took advantage with quite a few Jaeger shots, as I am know to do. I had a great time, but it was over too soon as I eventually drug my ass to bed around 4am. Sadly for me, I had to drag my ass back out of bed at 7am to make my flight east to play in tomorrow's 3k event at Foxwoods...that I will now be missing because of the flight situation. Grrrrrr...

I'm beat as hell, so I'm gonna grab a bite and watch some college football and relax. Tune in to Poker Radio for the debut episodes of "Inside The Poker Mind" and "Destination Unknown" this week. The team was slammed trying to get everything done from Niagara Falls, so we are a little behind schedule this go around. We'll try not to let it happen again...


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