Not Quite Getting It Going; Foxwoods, CT
April 7, 2022

Hey guys, just hollering at you from Foxwoods. They'll be playing down the final table tomorrow, so we have two more days to hang out here. Sometimes this place drives me nuts and sometimes it's alright. It just kind of depends on the day and what's going on here...

I finally got out of a day 1 in one of these damn things. I wasn't able to carry it over however, as I busted the very next day, but at least it's a start.

I had a pretty uneventful first day here, as I got chopped down a little bit early by losing with some big pairs. I just hung around and played patiently though, never really getting out of line much, and eventually, during the last level actually, I picked up AA against the table chipleader's QQ and got paid off. There wasn't much he could do, as it was a rag flop, so I was pretty lucky there to end the day with about 75k in chips, up from our starting stack of 30k.

The next day I just jumped back and forth between 80k and 50k, never really making too much noise either way for the first few levels. I then lost it all in a series of about 15 minutes and three hands. Check them out...

The first hand was simple enough. Adam "Roothlus" Levy brought it in from early position for a normal raise, with blinds at 600-1200, and with him holding a stack of about 20k. He had been playing pretty tight since I was moved to his table so I didn't really like it, but I looked down at pocket Jacks and knew I had to move him in. I did so and his insta-call let me know I was probably in bad shape. He flipped up his Queens and I wasn't able to improve there, losing about 20k. Poker Videos

A few hands later I brought it in for 4k from the cutoff with Q10 of spades and Erick Lindgren called from the button, along with Roothlus from the big blind. The flop came down 4 4 6, and I bet 6500 into the pot. Erick called and Roothlus folded pretty quickly. I was all set to be done with the hand when the card that gave me a chance to win it came Ace. If Erick had more chips I probably would have check-raised him all in, as long as there was some fold equity there, representing the Ace. He only had about 18k however, so I figured it was a better play to just represent it now and try to get him to fold. I should have bet about 8k or 9k, basically saving myself that extra 6k or so if he moved in. I hurled out 3 5k chips however, making it 15k to go. Erick moved in and I was forced to sheepishly fold my hand for only 2-3k more, with the pot of about 30k.

After that I now had about 20k and I ended up shipping it in from the small blind with A10 when my opponent had raised from the button. He had me outkicked however, with his AJ, and that was my day.

I didn't feel that I played that badly, other than that mis-bet against Erick. Just another case of not being able to get anything going really...

Can't wait to get back home to Sunny LA and hang out a bit before the WPT Championship coming up soon at Bellagio. I'll let you know if I get into any interesting trouble before that time...

peace, J

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