Close Call, WPT Championship; Las Vegas, NV
April 24, 2022

Sorry for the lack of updates, my friends, but I have been absolutely slammed the last week or so. I had a bit of a deep run in the WPT Championship here at Bellagio, but sadly I came up short, and ended up busting in something like 47th place. I almost pulled another sick run on my final day, but just couldn't get over the hump...

I guess I have to be somewhat proud of myself after I came into day two with only 13k in chips, down from our starting stack of 50k. I was incredibly lucky in that first level though and was able to double up three (!) times, picking up Kings twice and flopping a set of 5's, getting a full double up each time. From that point I was on my way and ending up finishing the day with about 275k in chips. It was a miracle!

Day three was a bit of a grind for me, however. I immediately shot up to around 475k in the first few levels, but then went completely card dead and just wasn't able to get much going the rest of the day. Any one who has played tournaments knows that right before the money is no time to go card dead, so it really hurt me and I ended the day with only 140k in chips, and was right back on the life support.

I was able to double up almost immediately the next day though when TJ Cloutier's K10 ran into my AQ and I was able to hold up, pushing me to about 260k in chips. It was short lived however, as not two hands later I picked up 99 on the button when an opponent flat moved in for his last 170k. It was such a tough spot and I honestly didn't know what to do. After hemming and hawing for a bit I elected to move in over the top of him. He flipped up his AK and we were racing. It didn't work out for me, as he flopped a King, and that was basically that. I got my shot though. I would have been up to about 450k in chips, or so and I would have been right back into it. Tough to come so close in an event this big and just not be able to push through... Poker News

Once we finish up here in Vegas we'll be heading to Vancouver for a small, but awesome, event in early May, so be looking for that!

I'm home to LA tonight, for a little chill time before then...


@howardhlederer @the_USO @HuckleberrySeed @phil_hellmuth @AnnieDuke @Tom_Dwan safe travels + great trip for you all.

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