"The Fly", WSOP, & Atlanta Hawks; Los Angeles, CA
May 3, 2022

I am a little freaked out right now. I mean, literally just a bit. I just finished watching "The Fly", you know the Jeff Goldblum film from the 80's? This movie scares the living shit out of me like no other. Besides it being pretty unbelievably sick and disgusting, especially for a film from the 80's, I associate it wholly with one night when I was a kid and I watched it...and it horrified me like no other. I mean, scared me to the bone. I guess I was about 10, and for some reason got out of bed really late and turned on the TV. From some demented reason I sat through the whole thing back then and completely lost it. I remember calling Bear at work, where he was super late night, and just losing it on the phone...

"Can you pleeeeease just come home? I'm so scared. Please, please, please...", I managed to force out through panicked cries.

I just flipped out that night. I saw "The Fly" creeping around our backyard and I thought it was going to come in and kill me. I mean, I was legitimately terrified that night for my life. Bear, of course, came home not too long after, but the damage was done to my little psyche...and I've never been the same since...

Well that's not true (probably) but it may explain why I still have a weird and irrational fear of insects. Anyway, to this day that movie sends shivers up my spine and just creeps the hell out of me. Yeeeeeshhhhh...

PokerRoad is in full prep for the upcoming WSOP, so stay tuned as we are going to bring you guys all kinds of fun stuff from the Rio. I have a few tricks up my sleeves, so be ready for, hopefully, some twists and turns to our coverage from there. Looks like "PokerRoad Radio" will be the daily show from the WSOP, with "Big Poker Sundays" also broadcasting from right outside the Amazon Room as well. I'll get back to you guys with the details as soon as we solidify them It's definitely gonna be some fun...

We are heading up to Vancouver to broadcast from a $3k buy-in tournament that the World Poker Tour is sponsoring, so be ready for that starting on 5/9. We will also be playing a bounty tournament on WPT.com's real-money play site...but that'll only be open to fans outside the USA. I know, I know, thank the government for that one, kids...stay tuned to our news briefs to get all the info on how to play if you are eligible.

Alright, I am going to get into bed and tweak out for a while. Man, that movie is so sick! I wish there was an appropriate word for getting that feeling when something is crawling up your back and it gives you the willies...goose bumps and all...

Oh yeah, nice job by my Atlanta Hawks tonight to force a game 7 back in Boston. I have loved them ever since I met Dominique Wilkins when I was a kid, despite them never giving me much to root for, and I am fired up at their play in the postseason so far. I realize that Boston is probably going to win game 7 by 15 or so, but I will carry the candle until the final buzzer...besides Josh Smith is some sort of sick man-child-beast and is just going to get better!


great news RT @ESPN California Golden Bears to keep baseball thanks to fundraising effort - http://es.pn/hHmaRl

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