A More Serious Tone; Los Angeles, CA
May 7, 2022

It is the very gravest of days today, for it is the day before a day upon which I must do something that is incredibly difficult for me. Tomorrow I will attempt to do the unthinkable...

I shall attempt to enter Canada.

We will be coming at you with "PokerRoad Radio" starting on Thursday, so stay tuned for all the action from the Red Rock Casino in Vancouver, for WPT Canada.

I am hoping that the government has forgiven me for my wrongs and will allow me safe passage, for I mean no harm. Please wish me all the best tomorrow... Poker TV

Father Canada, come on, let's be friends again.

peace...and somberly yours,

@howardhlederer @the_USO @HuckleberrySeed @phil_hellmuth @AnnieDuke @Tom_Dwan safe travels + great trip for you all.

2 hours ago
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