WSOP Event #1, 10k PotLimit; Las Vegas, NV
May 31, 2022

The World Series of Poker has begun and I am stoked! It wasn't the perfect day right out of the gate, but it was enough to get me excited and ready to go. I was happy with how I played today overall, but got into a tough spot here and there and wasn't able to make day two tomorrow.

I was able to go deep, busting out around 12.30am, but could only manage finishing around 80th or so, when 36 were cashing. I was actually pretty bummed, as I was able to run my initial 20k starting stack up to about 100k, but then hit some hard times when I decided to fold my baby flush to Patrik Antonius's all-in move on the turn. I honestly don't know if I was beat or not, as Patrik bluffs a ton, but in the end I decided just to lay it down as there were better spots where I could pick up chips. In the last few months I have erred more and more on the side of caution when it comes to those moves though. I don't like calling off chips and it seemed like a tough spot for him to bluff. Poker News

After that I lost a bunch more chips to Matt Graham when I called his raise with 99 and we saw a flop of all babies. Matt had Kings though and he took a nice chunk out of me there. From that point I was short and tried to battle back, but no one would call my all-in raises when I had solid hands and I wasn't able to get back in business.

I'ma try to keep this blog as updated as possible for you guys, but it's going to get tight with everything going on. I'll do my best though...


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