$1500 Pot Limit & $5k Mix, WSOP; Las Vegas, NV
June 3, 2022

It was one of those irritating days here at the Rio. I'm hoping to get these ones out of the way early, so that I can settle into the Series nicely. The truth is also that it takes a few tournaments to really get used to playing well every day, focusing well every day.

I started off at noon with the $1500 Pot Limit event. I love playing pot limit, but had a hell of a tough time getting anything going. My opening table I chatted it up with Alan 'The Usher' Sass, who is a cool kid and someone I always like playing with. He spanked me a bit early when he picked up Aces and slow-played them into me, getting me to call a bet on the river. I was immediately down to about 1200 from our opening stack of 3k, and then proceeded to just yo-yo in between 4k and 1k for the next 3 levels. Just couldn't get much going and eventually busted just short of the 5th level... Poker Videos

I immediately jumped into the $5k Limit/No Limit event, which I love. Most good no limit players really have no idea how to play limit at all, and vice versa, so it's a real advantage if you can play both competently...or semi-competently in my case.

This one went terribly as well though as I made a HUGE mistake in the NL portion of things when I didn't raise an opponent who I thought to be strong on the a 10-high flop, when I held a 10. I called him down and he was able to get lucky and spike a Queen on the River to match the AQ in his hand. Grrrrrr...bad play by me and I was punished.

The hand that eventually all but sent me home was in the limit portion of the event though when I opened up the action with Kings, getting two callers. The flop came down great for me, 6 4 6, but I got calls from both players, which was a little fishy. The dreaded Ace hit the turn and as it turned out Stevie Zolotow had decided to call me on the flop with A3...a strange play to be sure. I was crippled and sent packing just a few hands later...

It's still early though, so I'm trying not to sweat it though...a long month ahead with a TON of events...


Music for the day...

Ben Harper
Dave Matthews Band
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