Congratulations to Amanda Leatherman! WSOP; Las Vegas, NV
June 10, 2021

Despite getting to play online poker maybe 5 times a year, Amanda was able to cash in the ladies event here at the WSOP yesterday! I couldn't be prouder of her as she sat...and sat...and sat, and was unbelievably patient for the two-day run. She never had any cards to play and was hardly ever able to build up any chips at all (her high point was about 18k), but she fought through all of that and managed to get her very first Series cash! Poker Radio

The toughest thing for Amanda in poker is definitely just relaxing and being patient, so she really fought her demons on this one, and it was an amazing job! Goooo Amanda! I really couldn't be prouder of her. I really think that her game may have just turned a bit of a corner during this tournament, as she saw how much further she was able to go in an event just by not forcing the action all the time.


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