$5k No Limit & $2k No Limit, WSOP; Las Vegas, NV
June 13, 2021

Hey Poker Peeps,

I am starting to fall back into a disturbing trend, and that is getting very unlucky here at the WSOP. It seems that after my final tables run back in '05, every year since I seem to hit these unlucky roadblocks back here at the Rio during the Summer. There's nothing you can do but push on through it, but it is extremely irritating and mentally taxing, especially because I always feel that I have had a rough time at the end of big tournaments in the last year or so.

I played the $5k event yesterday and got off to a great start, running my initial stack of 10k chips up to 20k before getting it in on a Jack-high flop with Aces and losing to QJ, when my opponent made a flush. Grrrrr... Poker Videos

Today was maybe even more frustrating, as I grinded all day, never getting my stack up to much once I got past the early part of the day. I came back from dinner with 5k in chips, but managed to run it up to about 13k. I was feeling good and finally felt that I had at least a tiny bit of play. I then ended up getting it all in with 7's vs. 6's pre-flop and I was bummed to see my opponent's third 6 hit the flop. That was that...

Anyway, just getting my whine on. It's all part of the game, of course, but man it can get really freaking old. Hopefully it doesn't continue though, as I won't be doing much here at the Series if it does...


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