Lazy Sunday Afternoon...; Los Angeles, CA
November 16, 2021

What's up, my people? Just playing the "Sundays" and noticed that my picture was last on the PR homepage, meaning that I am lagging on the bloggage. I never tend to write much until something is going on...which not that much is. Poker News

(Yes! Just won a race with 99 vs. AK.)

Hmmmm, what is up? Well, the Canada debacle is going to go on for a while. As it turns out, it is quite a process to try and get things taken off of your record, whether you did them or not. Soooo, I sent in my fingerprints to the FBI so that they could ship me my rap sheet and whatnot. That shit...3-4 months! I'm trying to get the process expedited, but it still takes a while. That's only the first step though, as once you get that sheet you then have to go and take it up with the actual departments where the crimes supposedly took place, which for me is luckily Los Angeles and San Diego. Still, quite the pain the ass. I'm just hoping to get it all handled before Bahamas and Australia roll around in January. Grrrrrr...

Not too much else is going on. The site is cranking, so I am obviously happy about that. As I keep saying, please let us/me know what you like and don't like about it and we will continue to make it the best online poker-tainment site that exists. I may have to soon start scrounging through trash for food though, as these things ain't cheap! Haha...

(Damn! Played a hand badly with 66 and got drawn out on. I hate it when it's YOUR OWN fault.)

Went out last night in Downtown LA to see a buddy's band play -The Pacific- good stuff, they rocked. The usual cast of characters were there with me; Huffy, Stapes, Amanda, AlEffects, and also ran into Dave Tuchman of "Live at the Bike" fame, etc...good times...

Alright, just doubled up, so gotta go take this mother down...stay tuned to PR for more fun stuff coming down the pipeline...


@howardhlederer @the_USO @HuckleberrySeed @phil_hellmuth @AnnieDuke @Tom_Dwan safe travels + great trip for you all.

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