My Dismal WSOP Comes To A Close; Las Vegas, NV
July 5, 2021

It's amazing how exciting the time is that leads up to the Series each year. It is so filled with possibilities and ideas of how much noise can be made and how many bracelets can be taken down. That call isn't always answered though and it is a truly sick feeling that is left at the end of the month or so. I just finished up a month like that and am pretty dejected about it. Pretty sick, to tell you the truth...

I managed to only cash once at this year's WSOP. Once! I didn't even think that was possible before heading to Vegas this Summer. I honestly didn't. I know that I have had way too much going on on several levels, but there were honestly only two days throughout the Series when I felt that I just shouldn't have played at all and that is was a waste of time and money. My head still wasn't in the game as it should have been, probably not as much as I thought it was anyway. Poker News

I did take a ridiculous amount of beats, so I guess there is a certain amount of built in excuse in that, but ultimately it doesn't matter. You either put up results, or you don't.. That's the bottom line, and I didn't this year.

This was easily the worst year that I have had at the WSOP since I began playing. Even worse than the debacle of '06, where I did nothing at all. At least that year I had three cashes...far more than this year.

My Main Event was a little more of the same, minus the beats as I didn't take any of those. Just a bunch of tough hands over and over again. I actually managed to pick up some big hands in the first day, Aces twice, Kings twice, and flopping a set of Queens, but I either won a tiny pot with them, or was forced to lay them down generally post-flop. You need to win big with those hands though, not just win small or lose small. That's a recipe for disaster. I had a bunch of other tough hands too, things like flopping top two when my opponent flopped bottom set, flopping several top pairs with good hands and then losing out to flushes, etc...just tight spots where I was always going to lose some chips.

At any rate, I'm pretty sick about the whole thing, and am very ready to get the hell out of Vegas and back home for some chill time. We'll still be doing the radio show from here, as well as hyping the Bellagio Cup, starting soon, so stay tuned...


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